Fuel Employee Creativity with Mobile App Development

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Aug 23, 2017

Ignite the minds of your team with the help of creative app development.

The Millennial generation holds a significant amount of purchasing power in the present day economy and is anticipated to spend about $8 trillion annually by 2025. For businesses to tap into the millennial market, they need to offer creativity and innovation that steps outside the ordinary. Millennials are attracted to originality, cutting-edge technology, and diversity. To enrapture the hearts and minds of these inspired young adults, your company needs to strive toward innovation. Mobile app development can support employee creativity, enabling you to cultivate an enticing company culture that will drive business profits.

Mobile Apps Can Improve Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a critical part of creativity. Collective brainstorming enables teams of employees to come together, bounce ideas off of one another, and innovate solutions to the toughest workplace problems. However, brainstorming can’t always happen on a schedule. Sometimes the best ideas occur at random, and your employees can benefit from an app that captures their random bursts of imagination. A variety of mobile apps exist to make brainstorming easier. Idea Sketch, for instance, is an app that enables you to create mind maps, concept maps, and more, all from your mobile device. 

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The Brainstormer is another clever app concept that can improve creative thought processes and spur innovation. It’s an ideal tool for marketing teams looking to develop stories to sell their products. Similar to a slot machine, it will mix together a random combo of subjects, adjectives, and people, which can help bust the writer’s block of your team and get their creative juices flowing.

Creativity apps can boost brainstorming and innovation.

Mobile Apps Increase Collaboration

Business creativity is never just a one-person project. It requires the unique perspective of a diverse team of people. With a variety of cloud-based apps, employees can share ideas with others throughout the office easily, thus fueling collaborative potential. iWork is a cloud-based app that enables team members to share documents on any device, so multiple team members can collaborate on the same document, no matter their location. Apps like Google Calendar can provide teams a way to create shared calendars for the office, so everybody remains informed about important meetings or events.

Designing Your Own Creativity App

Though there are many creativity apps already available, designing a custom app for your business can produce better results. With a custom app, you can ensure it’s designed around the specific needs of your company and tailored to the precise specifications of your business model. When designing your own brainstorming app, consider the core aspects of brainstorming and creativity that are causing your team the most difficulty.

With team collaboration, you’ll fuel imaginative potential.

If creativity is the problem, app developers can design apps that trigger creative thought processes through imagery, music, and ideas. If collaboration is the issue, the app should offer a cloud-based format that enables employees to share notes with one another. Take a hard look at the issues stunting creative thought in your business and use employee feedback to develop an app that’s built for your business’s needs.

If your employees have been feeling a lack of creativity, a simple app could be all that’s needed to boost workplace innovation. App developers have designed thousands of apps catered toward triggering creativity and facilitating brainstorming. With a custom app designed for your business, you can ensure it solves problems specific to your company. Contact us today to get started.

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