How App Developers Can Stay Ahead in the Coming Years

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Aug 23, 2017

With over 1.6 million apps circulating around the marketplace, it’s unsurprisingly challenging to develop an innovative app that will stand out to consumers. Top app development companies need to remain ahead of consumer trends in order to distinguish themselves among the sea of apps and create apps that will perform successfully in the marketplace. Here are some tips to improve your development and enhance your marketing strategies to increase the success of your apps.

With rigid competition, app developers need to offer a new angle to entice consumers.

Market Your Apps Through Videos

Videos can create more compelling ad pitches than prose, so consider leveraging video advertisements to reach a wider network of consumers. Create YouTube videos and promotional videos to increase engagement with your company.

Market Your App to Your Current Clients

If you’re developing an app for your business, then you already have a vast array of consumers at your fingertips. Start by marketing your app directly to your current consumer base, so you can gain some momentum with the initial launch.

Develop Apps for the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is the next big thing in the tech industry, and app developers need to leverage this trend to improve their own apps. Mobile apps that can interact with objects provide more functionality for users and will increase the popularity of the app. IoT will soon be offering a number of healthcare, payment, and energy-efficient applications, so your team can take your development in a variety of new directions.

Make Your Marketing Strategy Mobile

Your customers are going mobile, and you need to follow suit. Your marketing strategy should cater to mobile devices through channels such as social media, email, and SMS. According to Forbes Magazine, about 20 percent of your marketing budget should be focused on mobile channels.

Marketing that caters to mobile devices attracts more customers.

Apps Will Move Toward Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While AI apps are still a ways off, many apps are already incorporating a degree of AI. Create apps around AI technology, such as apps that can interact with voice. Additionally, apps that can interact with users in real-time will become popular, as well as apps that can interact with household appliances to improve functionality.

Create Mobile Apps That Improve Workplace Productivity

A major trend of today’s society is improving workplace productivity and increasing output among businesses. Many companies are turning to mobile apps to enhance employee productivity and keep employees engaged. Apps that enable employees to conduct work from any device have proven incredibly useful, as it increases workplace collaboration and multitasking.

Integrate Social Media into All Apps

By integrating social media into all of your apps, you can gain two main advantages. Firstly, you can enhance the user experience. Consumers love social media, spending an average of 1 hour and 40 minutes on social media every day. Offering a way to connect to social media through the app improves the user experience, thus enhancing customer satisfaction. It also enhances marketing abilities. The share features of social media will allow your customers to introduce their social media networks to the app within seconds, thus greatly expanding your market reach. 

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Top app development companies face fierce competition when it comes to releasing a new app to the public. However, with the right insights into consumer trends, along with an intelligent approach to marketing, you can improve the success of your mobile app. To get started, you need an expert development platform. Contact us to learn how our development platform will enhance the marketing campaign for your app.

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