Fuel Nonprofit Fundraising with Mobile App Development

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Aug 23, 2017

Everybody is talking about the benefits of mobile app development, but few have mentioned the ways nonprofit organisations can benefit. It isn’t just for-profit companies that can thrive with the use of a mobile app. There are a lot of practical ways nonprofits can create mobile apps to expand their impact and grow their organisation. Mobile app development is particularly useful for fundraising, allowing nonprofits to improve their outreach efforts and raise more money.

Apps can connect you to supporters and fuel fundraising efforts.

Connect with Donors Globally

All nonprofits have a local base, which may limit their fundraising potential considerably. Yet, even local nonprofits can access support and funding outside of their locale, as people across the globe are constantly in search of new nonprofits to contribute to. A mobile app will make your nonprofit more accessible to people around the world, so you can increase the visibility of your organisation.

Be Creative with Your Apps

An app that is solely dedicated to raising money won’t be popular among your supporters. You need to offer your users added benefits, such as updates about your nonprofit, educational materials regarding your niche, and upcoming volunteer opportunities with your organisation. CharityMiles is an app that allows its users to raise money for charities every time they go for a run or walk. This helps to encourage people to stay healthy whilst creating a fun and engaging way for people to give to the causes they care about.

Send Notifications Through the App

Another potential benefit of a mobile app is its ability to issue important notifications to your supporters. If something big is happening with your nonprofit, you can spread the word quickly and raise funds immediately. You can also utilise location-based apps to send notifications based on the specific locations of the users. For instance, if you are trying to gather attendees for a local event, notifications can automatically be sent exclusively to the users who live in your geographical region.

Increase the Convenience of Donating

With a mobile app, you can make your nonprofit more accessible to your supporters. It will increase both the ease and convenience of donating, thus fuelling the potential for fundraising. People spend about 90 minutes every day on their cellphone. With your mobile app conveniently located on their screen, they’ll be reminded to respond countless times per day at the sight of the app. HelpBridge is a prime example of an app that enables seamless and efficient donations. Users can donate money simply by sending a text whilst also browsing through listings of local volunteer opportunities. By making donating simple and efficient, you can greatly increase your potential to raise money. 

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App-based donations increase the ease and accessibility for supporters.

Building Your App

Many nonprofits shy away from app development in fear of the investment costs it will entail. However, by utilising a professional app development platform, you can create a high-quality app whilst conserving your resources. It also offers an efficient method of getting the app to market, so your organisation can spend less time developing and more time raising critical funds. For mobile app development in London, contact us today.

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