The 9 Most Useful Mobile Business Apps to Inspire App Developers

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While there is a lot of competition in the app development world, each new app can experience success in the marketplace as long as it provides convenience or value to the public. Businesses rely on apps for a multitude of purposes, from enhancing employee productivity to facilitating business communication. Here are some of the leading business apps available that have proven effective in enhancing business relations and simplifying business management.

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Business apps can increase collaboration among co-workers, while fueling productivity.


1. Audio Memos: Audio Memos has eliminated the need for note taking among businesses and college students. It allows users to make oral notes and record meetings or lectures and upload them to Dropbox or email them.

2. LectureNotes: The future of journaling is already here. LectureNotes enables people to write hand-written notes on Android devices. Not only does this eliminate paper, but it also makes the notes easier to organise and prevents them from becoming lost or damaged.

3. LinkedIn: Social networking is critical for businesses, as it enhances marketing and improves communication with customers. As a result, apps that simplify social media management are extremely popular among businesses. LinkedIn, as well as many other social media sites, have created a convenient mobile app that allows users to stay connected on the site from wherever they are.

4. Showpad: Showpad is a critical marketing tool for business, allowing them to access critical data, insights, and activity reports that can strengthen marketing campaigns and increase lead generation.

5. Splashtop: Splashtop has been a hit among large businesses, particularly those prone to extensive business travel. It allows users to copy their entire desktop to the cloud and use their desktop from any device. Whether they’re homesick for the day, waiting out their layover in the airport, or traveling overseas, they can access their business desktop from anywhere in the world.

6. MobileDay: MobileDay enhances and simplifies business communication by providing hectic businesspeople the option of one-click calls and meetings. For businesspeople that make countless phone calls and conference calls throughout the day, this can save critical time. It also provides meeting notifications, sparing businesspeople the hassle of recording everything to memory.

7. MightyMeeting: For business presentations, MightyMeeting is an indispensable tool. It allows users to store all of their business presentations, and share their presentations from any device. By storing presentations in the cloud, businesses can easily share them with long-distance team members, simplifying business meetings and reducing travel expenses.

With presentations stored in the cloud, you’ll never need to remember your flash drive again.

8. Snapseed: The most grueling part of posting to social media is formatting and editing each picture. For a 140-character Twitter post, it barely seems worth the energy. With Snapseed, businesses can access a complete photo editing software in the palm of their hand, so social media engagement is easy and efficient.

9. Apple Pay: Apple Pay benefits businesses and consumers alike by allowing customers to pay using their phones. This increases efficiency for both customers and stores, while allowing customers to leave their credit cards at home.

Apps have the potential to improve business efficiency, simplify the lives of employees, strengthen marketing campaigns, and enhance communication and collaboration. Successful business app development relies on pinpointing the greatest needs among businesses and proposing efficient solutions to simplify their lives. 

Business apps can increase collaboration among coworkers, while fuelling productivity.Click To Tweet

Snapseed sought to minimise the pain of photo editing, while Apple Pay strived to streamline the checkout line in retail stores. With innovative business apps, employees can streamline their task management and be more productive in the workplace. Talk To Us today to learn more about creating the best apps for businesses.

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