How to Boost User Engagement as Your App Ages

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Aug 23, 2017

Creating a branded app is a great way to get users engaged with your brand on mobile. After all, today is an increasingly mobile world, with nearly 64 percent of all Americans choosing to browse the Internet on a smartphone, and 90 percent of mobile time is spent using apps. However, while creating a new app is a great way to score some initial attention from customers, simply creating an app is not an effective enough way to boost business. In fact, it’s essential to having users engage with your app regularly in order to make the creation of an app a worthwhile investment. The below strategies can help ensure that users use your app — and interact with your brand — regularly.

1. Send Push Notifications to Absent Users

Push notifications that appear on a mobile user’s device screen without their prompting can be annoying if sent too often. However, they can be an extremely effective tool for bringing back customers who’ve abandoned your app if used strategically. Send push notifications to users who haven’t visited your app beyond the first couple of uses including information about special deals and discounts if you sell a product or service. You can also send them notifications including helpful, informative content (i.e. a bank balance) in order to encourage them to return and engage.

2. Incentive with Points

One good way to ensure that users return to your app again and again is to use a points system that rewards users for their engagement. Give users points every time they make a purchase or use a service via an app, then offer special, exclusive features based on how many points a user has. Users will be motivated to build their point levels if they know they can access or “unlock” special functions by building points.

3. Build It With Utility in Mind

One important strategy for guaranteeing engagement is ensuring that you build the app with utility in mind. This means that your app should have a purpose and it should do something for users — whether that is allowing them to purchase something, provide entertainment, etc. Simply creating a mobile copy of your desktop website is not an effective strategy for creating an app, and users will not revisit it if it cannot help them accomplish something.

4. Advertise

Sometimes, users disengage with your app because they simply forget that they have it. Help jog people’s minds by placing ads online via search engines, social media platforms and more. Placing ads about your app in relevant places and addressing relevant audiences will remind people about your app and encourage them to use it. You can also send reminders about your app to your users’ email list as an advertisement or promotion.

5. Offer Excellent Support

One thing that drives users away from an app is that they have trouble with the app and no one to help. Ensure you offer awesome app support to users in case they encounter a snafu while they are using it. Include an extensive FAQ page and also offer contact information – whether that is via chat, phone, email, text messaging, etc. 
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Offering support will help minimize the chances that a user abandons your app forever if they encounter problems and encourages them to take another shot at using it.

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