How Can I Promote My App?

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Aug 5, 2020

Experts anticipated that 2020 would be a massive year for the app marketplace. With more people home and spending increased time on their mobile devices, however, expectations were surpassed. Users and their mobile device habits point to a growing industry that is already flooded with options. Any function or utility you could want from an app likely exists in many forms. So, for those who develop and distribute apps, what’s the secret to getting ahead?

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Cue the questions around how to market an app. People often ask the top developers on how to get an app on the app store? When to post an app? Well, promoting a mobile app takes careful consideration. The elements that go into developing an app go hand in hand with how you present it to your audience. Before you move into the late stages of development for your mobile app, make sure to market your work in these meaningful ways. Here are some essential ways to promote an app: 

Communicate New Apps to Your Audience

It’s one thing to develop an app for an audience. Developers can agree that an app is rarely going to be for every possible user in the mobile app market. Instead, your audience is a more narrow scope into who will be most likely to download and use your app. Communicating with these users is vital. Not only do they want to know about your plans for app security and features. They also want to hear about why a new app is worth their time and yours.

If you’re not talking to your audience through blogs, social media, and live streams, then you’re losing out on a great chance and opportunity to build a connection with your users. Likewise, these channels are a great way to capture the target mobile app market.

Market an App By Listening to Your Users

Your initial plan for how to market an app usually involves some ideas and insights you have as a professional. That’s vital to its longevity, but so is hearing what the audience wants from an app. This can occur in two ways: Through interactive listening and social listening. Interactive listening involves speaking directly to an audience or customer base to gain insight into their practices and wishes. This is often how many enterprise app development projects start. A company hears that customers want a reason to engage with a business, and new apps provide the best channel to do so. 

On the other hand, social listening is a mobile app marketing tactic that involves monitoring social media and other message board-style websites to hear what people think about your brand or industry. It’s not enough to just read tweets and scour Facebook. The crucial element for new apps is to take these sentiments and help guide the app’s build and promotion around what people want. Think of it as an inside look into the mind of those most likely to become early adopters and longtime users.

Ways to Promote an App Include Teaching People How to Use It 

Lastly, you are in the position to build a new app that can address challenges and issues users have with those that are currently on the market. Don’t just market the app; teach people what it does better, smarter, and more effectively than the competition. Any mobile app development process should include updates to your audience on what new changes or updates you make to improve their experience. They don’t want to hear about the business side of things. Leave out the conversation about how to create an app and make money and focus more on their experience. 

As an expert, you have the job of listening to your audience and communicating to them what your new app can offer. Teaching them about your mobile app with well-articulated blogs and email newsletters can help solidify your credibility ahead of launch.

With more people home and spending increased time on their mobile devices, however, expectations were surpassed. Users and their mobile device habits point to a growing industry that is already flooded with options.Click To Tweet


Ideally, the mobile app will launch after you’ve created a relationship with your audience and shown you are an expert in this sector of the market. Pursuing typical ways to promote an app, such as ad buys and PPC campaigns, are important. But, they don’t build a connection with users. Mobile apps are commonplace in our lives now. Standing out among the millions of others can be tough without the relationship you build during the development stage. 

Listen, learn, and show your audience what this new app can do for them. By increasing their knowledge of your mobile app, you are also promoting the product you’ve tailored to their habits and wishes. 

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