How to Make Sure Your App Becomes Popular

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Aug 23, 2017
There are tons of mobile apps available today. In fact, studies show that there are about two million apps available to Apple users in the app store, and 2.2 million apps available to those who use Androids. That’s a whole lot of apps — especially if you are an app developer who wants to make sure their app gets noticed. Recent reports show that more than 50 percent of Apple apps and 64 percent of Android apps are operating below the app poverty line — which means that they make less than $500 per month. If you’re planning to release an app and you want to make sure it does well and gains exposure, check out the tips below. These helpful hints will ensure that your app becomes popular with users and a worthwhile investment for your business.

1. Include Keywords in Your App

Much like a search engine, app stores’ search functions work based on keywords. Thus, it’s important to incorporate keywords into your app to ensure that people who are looking for what you’ve created can find it — especially if your company is brand new or unknown. The keywords field is limited to 100 characters, so make sure you use all 100 characters. To make sure you choose the right keywords, do some research to see which words your competitors are using and choose similar ones. By optimizing your app for keywords, you up the changes that people find you in a search.

2. Do Beta Testing

The benefits of doing beta testing with your app are numerous. First, beta tests give you the chance to test out your app, see what’s working and see what needs to be changed. When you collect feedback from your beta tests, you can improve your app so it’s functioning perfectly when it’s released to the real world. Beta testing also gives people a sneak-peak at what you’re creating. It can help generate word-of-mouth buzz and get people recommending it to other people who will want to download it when it’s released.

3. Get Positive Ratings and Reviews

In the app store, ratings and reviews matter. They help consumers know whether your app is easy to use, trustworthy and worth a download. Incorporate reminders within your app to get people to leave ratings and reviews. This will help build your reputation, and it will encourage people who discover your app via a search that it’s worth a try.

4. Keep Users Engaged

It’s not enough to simply get people to download your app — you want to make sure people actually use it. A study by Localytics showed that 22 percent of downloaded apps are only opened once. To make sure people return to your app, you should make sure it’s straightforward and easy to use. Nobody wants to spend a long time watching a video tutorial about how to use your app or to read instructions about how it functions. Also, you can offer incentives to users to get them to return; for example, coupons, mobile-specific rewards and exclusive features can be offered in exchange for multiple visits or regular engagement. 
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Creating an app is a great way to reach consumers — but making your app succeed can take a little bit of work. However, if you create a well-designed, beta-tested product that encourages people to engage with it and maximize your marketing efforts, you can create a product that will naturally find success.

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