Is App Development Accessible to Small Businesses?

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Aug 23, 2017

App development can seem scary at first, but it’s actually fairly simple.

For many small businesses, the idea of developing an app invokes a sense of fear. Between the cost of development and the time-investment, some small business owners simply don’t view app development as an accessible marketing strategy. However, as the app development industry evolves, it’s now spanning every corner of the business world, making itself far more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

What Types of Small Businesses Benefit from Apps?

Many small businesses have already jumped into the app development game. According to a 2015 analysis of app development, some lesser common industries are even beginning to leverage app development. Though restaurants have been in the game for a long time, app development is now expanding its reach to incorporate hotels, golf courses, plumbers, and more. Part of this stems from increased accessibility. Today, apps are cheaper and more efficient to develop than ever before. It’s a one-time investment that will continue to pay off indefinitely.

In What Ways Do Small Businesses Benefit from Mobile Apps?

Just because you can develop an app, doesn’t mean you should. You need to know that the investment will be well worth the return. Small businesses have been utilising app development for a multitude of purposes, but the primary application is for marketing and improving customer engagement. No matter the industry of the small business, all businesses can benefit from the push notifications that apps provide, enabling you to maintain a steady stream of contact with your most loyal customers. 

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A business app is a smart business move that will provide the brainpower to fuel your marketing.

How to Know if an App Is Right for Your Small Business

Though mobile apps can provide value to any company, there are some businesses that will benefit more than others. One of the main perks of app development is its ability to improve customer engagement, allowing you to better compete within your industry. Analyse your market competition. Are your competitors using apps to draw in customers? If so, having an app is essential, as it will enable you to provide the same level of satisfaction and value to clients.

If your competitors aren’t providing apps, then an app is less essential, but it still provides you with a way to remain ahead of competition and leverage a trend before it sweeps your industry. You also need to consider the number of customers you engage with daily. The more customers you engage with, the more profitable the app will be. Independent contractors who engage with a small number of clients each week may experience less return, in terms of responses, than a retail store that engages with a high number of customers, but should expect higher revenue per user.

How Accessible Is App Development to Small Businesses?

As with anything else, once the industry is saturated and demand increases, the cost is driven downward. This has been the case with app development. Whilst once requiring a hefty investment that few small businesses could achieve, it’s now incredibly cost-effective to develop an app, provided you start with the right studio.

The key is to find an app development studio that is cost-effective, whilst providing a range of services that will considerably reduce your time investment. Find a platform that not only helps to develop the app, but will take the process a step further by assisting with the promotion of the app. This saves small businesses a lot of time, in turn resulting in a more cost-effective solution. At Glance, our app developers work alongside small businesses to innovate, create, and promote your app, thus offering a highly efficient and affordable solution that can help your business grow. Contact us today to get started.

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