Is Dirty Data Ruining Your Mobile App’s Purpose? What You Should Know

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Mobile app users have high expectations when it comes to responsiveness, helpfulness, and accuracy. Mobile users expect that the businesses they work with know them, understand them, and are able to meet their needs. When your mobile app is working with dirty data (data that is inaccurate), you’re going to get it wrong sometimes and deliver a less than stellar customer experience. In many cases, this could lead to alienating your customer, and even losing them forever. Here are the problems your app developers need to know about dirty data and what you can do to fix the issues.

Problems With Dirty Location Data

If you’re advertising a sale, make sure the recipients of the ads are able to capitalise on it. Otherwise, it will just make them angry.

Sixty-seven percent of all ad inventory includes location data. However, only about 34 percent of that data is accurate. Why does that matter? Say you’re a retailer with a grand opening sale at your downtown location in Denver, Colorado. Sending your customers in Central City or Boulder notification of the sale is confusing at best and frustrating at the worst. These customers might not notice that the sale is only in Denver, and visit another store that isn’t having the sale. Those customers won’t be happy when they learn that the sale is actually an hour’s drive away.

Problems With Dirty Consumer Data

Location data isn’t the only problem. You can also have dirty data on your customers. Perhaps your database lists them as the CIO when they are actually the IT manager, or maybe it says they had rather communicate by phone when they actually prefer email. These inaccuracies can signal to the customer that you don’t really know them and can lead to messages that don’t make sense to them. 

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Things like misspelling someone’s name, or getting their birthday wrong are just annoying.

Fixing the Dirty Data Issues for Better Mobile Apps

Got dirty data? Clean it up! Be sure all of your databases are free of duplicate data and obviously erroneous data, such as addresses like ABC Sesame Street.

In order to deliver an optimal customer experience with your mobile app, you need to clean up the data. This means:

• Enlisting the help of a data cleansing firm or other solution.
• Cleanse the data in all databases, including your CRM, email marketing software, marketing automation software, etc.
• Establish processes to verify new data as it is entered into the system to detect and prevent duplications and obviously erroneous data (such as a birthday of 99/99/99 or a phone number of 5555-5555).

In the long run, it is better not to empower a mobile app with a feature than it is to add a feature that doesn’t work properly. Customers need to know that when you advertise a sale or another special offer to them that it’s something they can actually take advantage of. Delivering a spectacular experience via your mobile app, for many customers, translates into a company they can trust.

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