What Developers Can Learn from the Top App Development Companies

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Aug 23, 2017

How do good app developers become great ones? None are born massively successful. Trial and error is expensive. The best (and least expensive) way is to study what other developers are doing right (and wrong) and emulate the best, while avoiding what isn’t working. Here’s a sneak peek into some impressively successful apps and what their developers did right that you can mimic for your own app development success.

Google + Proves You Can Offer Different Experiences Across Devices

The best apps make it simple to find what you’re looking for, but also delivers some surprising functionality that improves the value of the app.

Google Plus hasn’t been the most successful social media platform, but the Google Plus app has an impressive customer review rating of 4 to 4.5 stars, and is available for a wide range of Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and larger (laptop and desktop) computers. What Google knows that not many developers have realized is that you need to tailor the user experience to the device. While the interfaces vary considerably from device to device, it remains intuitive for regular Android and Google users to migrate among these apps, yet the apps are ideally suited to the screen size and platform of each device. Brilliant.

MyFitnessPal Showcases the Powerful Potential of Social Sharing

MyFitnessPal is consistently ranked among the top fitness apps, which is a crowded market and hard to stay on top of. This app has been made successful largely because sharing your fitness goals and achievements is built right into the functionality of the app. You can show off how well you did with your diet and brag about meeting your exercise quote, which helps keep users motivated. Other developers need to make sharing the app experience this easy and seamless.

Avast’s Mobile Security & Antivirus Teaches the Benefits of Surprise Features

Avast’s Mobile Security and Antivirus app has all of the features you’d expect: excellent scanning capabilities, strong capacity for detecting the latest virus and malware threats, etc. But it also provides a suite of anti-theft functionality to protect your mobile device for physical threats in addition to the virtual ones. It’s actually as nifty as those apps that are designed specifically as anti-theft products. 

The best apps make it simple to find what you're looking for.Click To Tweet

Surprise features that work better than apps designed for the task are always huge hits with users.

Chrome Demonstrates the Strength of Providing Easy Access to Top Features

Chrome browser app is quickly taking over the market for smartphone browser apps. It’s achieved nearly 35 percent of the smartphone market share, and is quickly gaining ground in larger devices like tablets and laptops. While Chrome doesn’t necessarily pack the punch when it comes to obscure features and weird functionality, it surpasses other browsers with its sheer simplicity and ease of use. Any user with a bit of experience with Chrome can access their favorite features fast without a bit of trouble. Easy does it when it comes to giving users access to your popular features.

The Weather Channel Offers Insight into Easy Yet Attractive Navigation

The Weather Channel app is neatly organized to offer the most important information, followed by the second most important thing, etc. In a glance, you know how to dress for today, how to prepare for the rest of the week, and what top weather news is affecting your area.

The first thing that strikes users is how truly beautiful The Weather Channel app is, but the next thing they notice is how extremely easy the app scrolls to whatever it is they are looking for. It opens to the current conditions, slides into the near-term forecast, and then takes users right to maps and videos where they can get more in-depth information. In other words, the app predicts what order users need the information, and delivers it naturally and easily. Organize information so that your users get what they want when they want it.

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