Is Interactive Marketing right for you?

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Nov 9, 2017

Marketing is an important technique that almost every business uses. The technique allows you to promote, advertise and raise awareness for your brand, products and services. Whilst marketing has been around for a very long time, it is sometimes difficult for businesses to stand out and make whatever it is that they’re marketing memorable. However, this is rapidly changing with the inclusion of Interactive Marketing. Each day there are new technologies created in order to push the boundaries of what we can achieve through marketing. Interactive Marketing is a one-to-one marketing technique that places the importance of customers actions and behaviour, helping businesses to meet their expectations.

Types of Interactive Marketing:

Interactive Storytelling

Interactive storytelling is known for creating narrative enigma as the storyline to the narrative is ambiguous and left to the customer’s interpretations. In most cases, Interactive Storytelling uses to some degree artificial intelligence. It is important that businesses applies this form of Interactive Marketing as this will provide them with the opportunity to be as dynamic with their content as possible. Typically, this can be done through adding interesting infographics into content on webpages/blog posts or by creating native ads that revolves around storytelling mixed with other media elements. Instead of  just sticking to long-form content, you can break it up with interactive components like video or audio clips, allowing the visitor to share and discover even more information.

Personalised Content

Personalised content is a strategy that relies on webpage and customer data in order to deliver content that is relevant based on the customer’s interests, motivations and behaviour. By businesses using advanced technology, this can allow them to gain relevant insight into metrics such as customer’s: demographics, geographic data, age, gender etc in order to help deliver relevant content and offers. This will help customer’s to relate to the content you’re providing when it is personalised appropriately as this could result in them wanting to interact with the content more and share it. 

Two-Way Interaction

At the heart of the Interactive Marketing spectrum lies Two-Way interaction. With this technique, a business is able to provide marketing efforts that allows customers direct interaction and participation. 

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Interactive tools such as: quizzes, games and interactive videos provides the customer with a more powerful experience and allows them to consume information easily and effortlessly. This technique also allows the customer to feel involved with your business on a deeper level, making them feel important and special.

So, should you be applying Interactive Marketing into your strategy?

Absolutely. As Interactive Marketing becomes even more of a popular marketing trend, customers will be expecting businesses to already be using this technique and therefore, will be looking for businesses to meet or exceed their expectations. With you applying Interactive Marketing into your marketing strategy, you ultimately increase your chances of meeting customer’s demands as you have the ability to respond to their actions and behaviour. By personalising your content, this will result in greater conversion rates as this will enhance customer satisfaction.

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