Why all of the Best Mobile Games are Doing Their Marketing In-House

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The success or failure of a mobile game often depends on how it is marketed. Mobile game marketing professionals have to ensure that they target the right audience in the best way possible in order to optimally promote a new game. There’s no doubt that a positive outcome from a mobile game marketing campaign rests on a dedicated team working collectively to achieve the same goal, which is why so many mobile games firms are choosing to market in-house.

So, What Is In-House Mobile Game App Marketing?

In-house mobile game marketing is where marketing specialist employees within a company manage an entire mobile game marketing campaign from start to finish. They basically do the same job as an ad agency but they are internal rather than external. In fact, many businesses want to replicate the agency model when marketing a mobile game because it works and it allows them to manage their own creative processes.

Advantages of In-House Marketing for Mobile Game Advertising

No one understands a business brand and culture better than employees within a business, so it makes sense for the very people who eat, sleep and breathe the brand to promote it. In-house mobile game marketing teams can also meet regularly with colleagues from other departments to discuss the latest developments and to formulate concrete mobile game marketing strategies that will help skyrocket a mobile game to success within the respected app stores of iOS and Google Play.

Moreover, in-house workers understand the firm’s infrastructure with a wide variety of knowledge, and they can align the mobile game marketing budget and goals with company goals accordingly. Sometimes, when outsourcing mobile game app marketing work to other agencies, it’s important that they have a good understanding of what a company is all about as well as having a clear understanding of the target market.

In-house mobile game advertising teams also have the flexibility to be more innovative because if an idea fails, you can quickly move on to another without wasting too much time or resources on costly revisions. Chris Daly, who is a chief executive at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) said, ”Speed has never been more important in marketing. You’ve got to move quickly to be in the conversation so it is unsurprising that some organizations see value in doing creative work in-house.”

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Disadvantages of In-House Mobile Game App Marketing

One major disadvantage of in-house mobile game marketing strategies can be that some of the employees who are in charge of running a campaign might lack the necessary experience or technology to respond well to upcoming marketing trends. Whereas – in most cases – an outsourced team may have a lot of experience in different areas, different mobile ad formats, different tools and different types of companies.

Another risk of setting up your own in-house marketing agency for your mobile game is that it can become insular. People who work in the same environment usually share the company philosophy and thinking can become a little rigid. It’s always good to have a fresh perspective on a strategy, and an outsource mobile game app marketing agency will offer just that.

How Are Mobile Games Being Marketed In-House?

Mobile game marketing companies have to be savvy and use many different tactics to promote mobile games. But nothing quite sells a game like a video advertisement. A highly engaging mobile game video advertisement will promote a message, tell a story and leave the viewer with a visual image which resonates with them in such a way that they feel obliged to download it, like it and share the ad across multiple social platforms.

In addition, top mobile advertising professionals will typically display the video as a native ad, which is an ad that blends seamlessly into the content that the viewer is watching. Consumers tend to respond well to these types of mobile ad formats. In fact, most premium native ads tend to boost CTR as much as four times higher than non-native display ads.

Also, a cost-effective mobile game marketing strategy that firms use to help build brand recognition is converting customers into huge influencers. Some brands hire well-liked bloggers and YouTube stars to promote their brand because they have the capacity to promote the product to their dedicated fans. 

The success or failure of a mobile game often depends on how it is marketed. Marketing professionals have to ensure that they target the right audience in the best way possible in order to optimally promote a new game.Click To Tweet

Why Are Brands Pursuing In-House Mobile Game Advertising?

More games companies are choosing to market in-house because they want to keep and grow expertise with the company rather than outsourcing the marketing of a mobile game to third-parties. They also want more control over all aspects of the process, and marketing is a fundamental part of it.

Another major factor here is cost. If you are working with a tight mobile game marketing budget then it makes sense to develop your company’s own in-house agency resources. And that is exactly what an increasing number of firms have been doing.

A new Association of National Advertisers 2017 survey found that 69% of respondents handle mobile game marketing strategy and campaign direction in-house. These firms are also starting to embrace algorithm-heavy technology to help facilitate real-time marketing goals, which means that organizations will rely more on its own talent and technology for mobile game advertising purposes.

The mobile games industry is huge. There is a lot of competition out there and if a company can conduct mobile game app marketing in-house, it means it will have more to spend on the production side of gaming. If you have an app idea, Talk To Us today!

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