Is There a Future for Mobile-Cloud Gaming?

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Jan 21, 2020

Gaming online has come a long way since the first custom-built computer games introduced in the mid-1950s. We’ve witnessed the gaming industry evolve from being a simple single-player arcade-style type of games, through to multiplayer/multipurpose consoles. Over time, we have reached the point of mobile phone gaming where users can take their skilled expertise on the go with their mobile phones. Everything from hoping to capture their Augmented Reality (AR) characters with Pokemon Go to casting new spells in the Harry Potter game are now ways to entertain yourself just with a smartphone.

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Worldwide, online gaming has drastically increased the number of interactive virtual players. Because of this, game developers continue to take advantage of a number of technology trends that can further tech innovation and improve overall playability. This has led to many great inventions over the years, and that includes Mobile Cloud gaming.

What is Mobile Cloud-BasedGaming?

Mobile Cloud gaming takes the evolutionary leap of online gaming to the next level by introducing a seamless experience of streaming games from any device that has a stable connection to the internet. Additionally, it offers the same responsiveness found in music and video streaming services (think of Netflix and Spotify for example). Cloud gaming for iPhone and Android acts as the appropriate solution to computing and storage constraints, allowing for what true enthusiasts desire when gaming: Open-source gaming. This enables developers to modify existing games and create different variations of it to appeal to a wider audience. When this is mixed with the likes of mobile, the possibilities are endless.

So far, there are limited ways to cloud-play games on mobile phones. There are services such as:

PlayStation Now – A cloud gaming subscription service providing gamers with a catalogue of over 700+ games.

PS4 Remote Play – Allows users to stream content from a PS4 directly onto a computer/mobile phone.

Xbox Game Pass – The ability to stream and download Xbox games from a catalogue of over 600+ games.

Shadow – Allows users to stream a fully-featured gaming PC to multiple devices.

GeForce Now – By using one account, users can stream AAA games across a series of devices.

The majority of the above-mentioned cloud streaming services allows the functionality of having games streamed directly onto mobile phones. This means that as the technology continues to improve, so will its quality and functionality. Interestingly, the PS4 Remote Play allows users to stream console-based games directly to their smartphones, which is a variation of mobile cloud gaming. It was recently announced that the PS4 Remote play platform will be accessible as a cloud gaming service for both iPhone and Android phones, which is a strong indication of its position within the mainstream gaming market.

Google Stadia Building the Foundations for Being the Best Cloud Gaming Service

The ‘Stadia’ system is Google’s new cloud game streaming service, planning to launch this month. Through many critics and gaming experts, it’s already being considered as one of the front-runners for being the best cloud gaming service, because let’s face it, it’s Google! Stadia is like having a game console in the cloud of the internet that you can access from pretty much any device. It’s easier to think of it like how Netflix is a DVD player in the cloud… Stadia operates in a similar way, but specifically for gaming purposes. As the mobile cloud gaming service launches this November, users will be able to access its service via laptops/PC’s (with a Google Chrome running browser of course), Google Pixel phones, and the Chromecast Ultra dongle that plugs into the back of TV’s. What’s great about this is you can begin playing a game on your phone, then pick it back up directly from your tablet, laptop or TV, making the service as accessible as possible.

We've witnessed the gaming industry evolve from being a simple single-player arcade-style type of games, through to multiplayer/multipurpose consoles.Click To Tweet


Microsoft’s Mainstream Attempt at Mobile Cloud Gaming

It has been rumoured that the gaming giant – Microsoft – is partnering up with SK Telecom to deliver an xCloud game streaming service for users that have 5G (limited to South Korea currently). Public previews of Project xCloud begin this month, and it will begin testing its cloud gaming service on Android phones. What’s interesting about this collaboration is the fact that as opposed to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth support would be needed to connect an Xbox One controller. Whilst there are no set dates for the launch, it’s promising to see the direction of what cloud-based gaming is going in. This will hopefully be just the start of many more innovations to come within the industry.

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