10 Mobile Trends for 2020: The New Decade

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Jan 14, 2020

We are back in the roaring 20’s… .but with one hundred years of additional technological advancement. Whereas the 1920s saw massive development in automobiles, telephones, movies, and radio, the 2020s are sure to explode with growth in smartphone mobile application development – from artificial intelligence to biotechnology.

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When we narrow in on mobile technology, the 2020s are sure to be full of exciting new developments. With more powerful hardware and sophisticated algorithms, expect mobile app trends in the new decade to harness the amazing and advanced capabilities of our phones.

1. Virtual Reality Solidifies Itself in Design Trends

Virtual reality has started taking off as an app design trend, with platforms like Vive and Oculus leading the way. In the mobile world, the technology is now powerful enough to support VR applications, so now is the best time to develop a VR solution for your mobile customers. Entirely innovative trends in mobile app development like virtual reality are incredibly effective at boosting engagement to a level unseen in human history.

Virtual Reality Mobile App Development Trends 2020

2. We’ve Already Glimpsed the Augmented Reality Mobile Trend

Augmented reality is about to be in full bloom when it comes to this decade’s trends. We’ve already seen this technology make waves with applications such as Pokemon Go. 

But how does AR differ from VR? Well, AR is the use of VR functions, but it maintains and even uses a view of the real world around you. Utilizing the camera, GPS, and processing power of your phone in harmony, you can develop AR experiences that fuse the real and digital worlds.

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development Trends 2020

3. Artificial Intelligence Trends in Mobile App Development Enhance the UX

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now being utilised in mobile applications to modify the user experience on the fly. While being one of the latest mobile app trends to emerge, it’s also among the most impactful thanks to its ability to make improvements to the core program automatically. Another one of AI’s major advantages is that it can learn to customise experiences based on a customer’s unique behaviour. AI is a powerful smartphone trend that can make every user experience unique and powerful.

Aritificial Intelligence Mobile App Development Trends 2020

4. Payment Processing Grows Globally

In Shanghai, even food carts have mobile payment options. Other countries are quickly catching up to this mobile trend. In 2020, customers are expecting the ability to make financial transactions without the use of cash or cards. By leveraging the use of blockchain technology, financial applications are sure to be one of the top smartphone trends and present brands with a huge opportunity.

Mobile Payment App Development Trends 2020

5. How Apple Watch Began the Wearable Technology & IoT App Design Trend

The Apple watch set the pace for smartwatch technology. As such, wearable technology app design has been a trending theme for iPhone and Android users alike. Now, wearable tech that functions as IoT devices are paving the way for the internet of things and is set to be one of the top decade trends for technology as a whole.

Apple Watch App Development Trends 2020


With more powerful hardware and sophisticated algorithms, expect mobile app trends in the new decade to harness the amazing and advanced capabilities of our phones.Click To Tweet


6. 5G Super Speed Makes It Possible to Seamlessly Stream

With 5G making its debut as one of the latest mobile app trends, streaming services are fighting for the mobile market. Any application that required massive data speeds or huge bandwidth is now more manageable and marketable due to advances in mobile network technology. Taking advantage of the new speeds to develop features that were impossible on slower networks will prove to be a powerful strategy for iPhone and Android app development.

5G Mobile App Development Trends 2020

7. Battery Technology Advancements are a Welcome Smartphone Trend

Applications that put a huge strain on your battery are quick to get uninstalled by the end-user or cause them to be tied down to a power cable while using your app. With advances in battery technology, you can now supercharge your applications without inconveniencing the users.

Battery Mobile App Development Trends 2020

8. Security Enhancements Represent a Priority Among Decade Trends

Data breaches and identity theft are now happening on a daily basis. Security, therefore, has become a huge concern for many mobile users and is among the most important Android and iPhone trends. This is especially true since people are increasingly relying on their phones for everything from banking to socialising. There is no faster way to lose the trust of your customers than to engage in poor mobile security practices that cause their data to be leaked.

Mobile Security App Development Trends 2020

9. Cloud App Trends Go Beyond Storage

The Cloud is about more than just storing your files. With cloud integration, you can create live interactions between users for greater collaboration functions. Cloud design trends have resulted in collaborative document editing and even project management applications. With the power of the Cloud, you can create a seamless experience from mobile to desktop – or any other device.

Mobile Cloud App Development Trends 2020

10. A Brand New Trend for the Decade: Foldable Smartphones

CES 2020 revealed amazing folding phones and Tablets. Developing applications to take advantage of this trending theme for Android and iPhone users now will enable you to capture a brand new market segment of early adopters. Plus, it will lay the foundation for enabling multi-screen features in your app.

Foldable Mobile Development Trends 2020

The Future is Here

Clearly, the future is bright when it comes to trends in mobile app development and design. From brand new ways to interact with mobile apps to reaching speeds never seen before, this decade’s trends indicate there’s plenty to look forward to. Let us know what 2020 smartphone trends you’re excited about!

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