Luxury Retail Apps Are a Necessary Investment for Promoting Brand Loyalty

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Dec 6, 2018

Brand loyalty is key to success in the competitive luxury retail market. You need to constantly focus on providing your customers with unbeatable service. In today’s market, that means optimising your mobile online shopping experience.

Approximately 85% of UK citizens own smartphones now. Mobile e-commerce accounts for more than half of all online sales. If you work in the luxury retail industry, you should adapt to these trends by offering your customers a reliable app that boosts loyalty and improves engagement.

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Branded Retail Apps Increase Engagement

A retail app gives you the chance to offer your customers a branded e-commerce experience without the distractions that might divert their attention on a mobile site. They’re less likely to navigate away from your products when using a branded luxury app that natively contains all the features they’re looking for. In a competitive market like the luxury retail industry, an app provides you with a key advantage of dictating and monitoring customer interaction with your brand when shopping online.

That doesn’t mean you can simply release a generic retail luxury app and expect users to embrace it. Surveys indicate that customers are more inclined to download such apps if they offer unique features and value.

For example, more than half of people surveyed say they’re interested in loyalty apps. Including a rewards program (as well as giving rewards for using the app itself) is a smart way to make the right impression on users. In-app loyalty programs not only work to increase customer satisfaction but also boost engagement with your brand.

An example of a luxury retail brand applying innovative tech into their app is Artemest. The furniture brand developed an AR app that lets customers insert renderings of items into their homes. Customers who may have been reluctant to buy a piece of furniture online will be more likely to make a purchase when they can get a better sense of how it would look in context. Especially if your brand offers big-ticket items within the luxury retail market, a unique app could offer similar benefits that Artemest enjoyed. 

A retail app gives you the chance to offer your customers a branded e-commerce experience without the distractions that might divert their attention on a mobile site.Click To Tweet


Loyalty Apps for the Luxury Retail Industry Must Offer the Basics

Of course, it’s also important to focus on the essentials. An intuitive and efficient user experience is crucial. Navigating your luxury retail app should be a simple process.

That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced team of qualified retail app developers. Doing so is a way to ensure your brand stays competitive within the luxury retail market and can help you create better customer experiences.

Trends clearly indicate that your customers are probably using mobile devices. Investing in a branded retail app is a smart way to promote engagement with your brand on a regular basis. By taking the time to offer a quality experience, you’ll boost engagement, loyalty, and sales.

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