Should You Build or Buy Your Mobile App?

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Aug 23, 2017

There is no doubt that your business needs a mobile app. Mobile customers now account for more than half of all online shoppers. You’ll miss that entire category of buyers by not empowering mobile. Additionally, mobile can be a powerful tool for boosting the engagement and productivity of your workforce. Employees will be able to keep things taken care of even when they’re away from the confines of your offices. The only question is, will you build the app in house, or will you hire a contractor to build it for you? There are pros and cons for each choice.

The Pros & Cons of Building In-House

Your own programmers and IT teams are most likely already involved in numerous other projects that your business also needs right away. This could seriously delay the release of your mobile app.

In-house development projects usually cost less than having an outside developer take on your app building. Your own programmers also are probably more familiar with your business’ needs and your internal systems, especially if there are custom legacy systems in play in your IT infrastructure.

The cons, however, are that your own developers are likely used to programming code for computers and mainframes and might not be familiar with mobile development, which calls for completely different programming languages and protocols. Additionally, your programming staff is probably already knee-deep in other IT projects, meaning that they don’t have full time to devote to developing mobile apps for your workers and/or customers.

The Pros & Cons of Hiring a Mobile App Developer

What many executives don’t realise is that the languages and processes for developing a mobile app are quite different from those used to develop other computer software.

An outside developer is familiar with programming for mobile and is keenly aware of compatibility, security and other issues specific to mobile development. They aren’t tied down with other workloads, because mobile development is their whole enchilada. App developers also have all of the testing procedures established, so that your end result is a fully tested, debugged, highly functional app.

Mobile developers can also give your business needs a fresh perspective as knowledgeable outsiders. It is true that outside app development contractors may cost more than having your own in-house programmers take on the development project, but, in the end, you usually are rewarded with a faster delivery date and a better end product. 

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Mobile app developers also already know all of the ins and outs that go along with developing a native application. For instance, each of the major platforms (Apple, Android, etc.) have very specific requirements for getting an app approved. Professional development companies are aware of the protocols, procedures, and specifications necessary to get the app accepted by the major app stores and device manufacturers. This allows you to overcome a major hurdle rather simply, as many first-time development projects are delayed for months due to some little-known requirement that those outside the development world aren’t even aware of.

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