The Story Behind the Success of the World’s Industry Leading Experts: Apple

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Sep 13, 2018

Apple isn’t only the best-selling company worldwide, they’re one of the most influential. All the way from 2007 to 2018, we’ve seen many iterations of iPhones and Apple products, and with the yearly Apple Keynote Events, we can expect to continue adding a lot more products to the ever-growing list. Since the late Steve Jobs unveiled the OG iPhone in 2007, Apple has sold more than 1.2billion products worldwide, which has skyrocketed mobile app agencies and reimagined the way that we use mobile technology. There’s no denying that millions of people use an iPhone as their only source of resources, whether that would be a camera, internet, phone calls, messaging, gaming, you name it, an iPhone often comes to mind. The iPhone essentially put the entire world into our pockets. But, what is it about Apple’s marketing strategy that makes them such a successful company we’ve all grown to love?

Steve Jobs iPhone Apple CEO

When the iPhone was first created, every other smartphone company wanted to copy Apple, which still applies even today. Most phones now have big screens, luxurious designs, fingerprint/face ID scanners, and ever-improving cameras. Let’s take a look at the evolution of the iconic iPhone devices that have inspired and challenged the status quo for the technology industry. 

There's no denying that millions of people use an iPhone as their only source of resources, whether that would be a camera, internet, phone calling, messaging, gaming, you name it, an iPhone often comes to mind.Click To Tweet

The ‘iPhone’ (2007)

Steve Jobs, Apple, iPhone

The ‘iPhone 3G/3GS’ (2008/2009)iPhone 3G, Apple, Steve Jobs

The ‘iPhone 4/4S (2010/2011)

iPhone 4S Mobile Apple Phone


The ‘iPhone 5/5S (2012/2013)

iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S Mobile Devices

The iPhone 5C (2013)

iPhone 5C Mobile Phone Devices

The ‘iPhone 6/6S’ – Which introduced the ‘Plus’ sizes (2014/2015)

iPhone 6+ Apple Mobile Device

The ‘iPhone SE’ (2016)

iPhone SE Mobile Phone Devices

The ‘iPhone 7/7+’ (2016)

iPhone 7+ Apple Mobile Phone Devices

The ‘iPhone 8/8+’ (2017)

iPhone 8+ Mobile Phones Apple

The ‘iPhone X’ (2017)

iPhone X Apple Mobile Phones

What is the ‘Apple Approach’?

Apple focuses on enriching the lives of their dedicated consumers. They believe in upholding a luxury image and being respected by the world and their competitors within the technology industry, which is evidential through their marketing campaigns. But, how do they achieve this?

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle – Why, How and What?: Apple applies Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle‘ strategy successfully to their marketing campaigns. Apple explains their purpose, cause, and belief in the ‘Why’ process. Their marketing statements are often bold and straight to the point, ensuring that they stress the fact that their new products will challenge the status quo within the mobile/tech industry and, outlining how Apple enjoys thinking and being viewed as different from their competitors. This kind of statement initially intrigues consumers as they have been provided the precise answer that they were looking for, which is often – Why should I choose your company over others? 

Apple then proceeds to explain how they will go about challenging the status quo. For example, Apple creates – and are known for their luxurious, beautifully designed and simple to use products – and iOS systems – for their target audience. This has caused Apple to develop a valuable ‘cult-like’ following as their evangelist fans immediately feel comfortable with purchasing the majority of Apple’s products as they can trust that the brand will continue to uphold their trustworthy and luxurious brand image, forming brand loyalty.

With Apple answering the sole question of ‘Why they do what they do‘, they appeal to consumers on a deeper level in terms of biology as the answer to this question is executed in a professional and superior manner, allowing their consumers to feel as though they want to be loyal to the brand and be a part of the exclusive Apple movement.

Focusing on the customer experience: Every customer touchpoint within Apple offers a consistently high-quality experience. Most often, people feel good, inspired, appreciated, and most of all, find appropriate solutions to their varied problems with Apple. As Apple has almost a cult-like following, it comes as no surprise that they’ve created retail stores as a place where their followers can almost collectively worship the company. The Apple in-store experience is like no other. Their team members are fully equipped with knowledge. The store itself is beautifully designed and, there’s a variety of Apple products available to test before you buy. This ensures that any customer experience is kept consistent from not only the design of Apple’s devices but also the experiences in-store.

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Speaking only when necessary: The Apple PR team uses press releases sparingly – hence their notorious Keynote Events – which helps spark a wildfire of speculation and word-of-mouth as to what will be next steps for the company. This gives the Apple great exposure and a guaranteed buzz as to what they’re up to as everybody is eager to see how Apple will continue to challenge the ordinary within the mobile industry.

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