The Top Five Trendiest Technologies of the Decade

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Aug 23, 2017

When reflecting over the past decade, there is no doubt that the last ten years have been a game-changer in the world of technology. The smartphone, originally developed by IBM in 1992, became a staple in every household with the debut of the iPhone in 2007 and other devices, such as laptops and tablets, began to replace bulky desktop computers. With a lot of focus placed on smartphones and other mobile devices, it is easy to forget all of the other trendy technologies that have been introduced this decade. While the use of some of these technologies may eventually prove to be nothing more than a fad, there is no doubt that some of the top trendiest technologies of the decade are here to stay.

1. Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is not a new concept, however, in March of 2016, the release of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset turned the concept into a reality for the general public. The headset is worn in the same fashion as sunglasses and features built-in headphones. The thought behind this is that gamers are able to become completely immersed in the game. As virtual reality headsets are new to the game, it is expected that more games will be designed for virtual reality over time.

2. Drones

The first drones were used by the military in situations where flying a plane or helicopter overhead was not feasible. In this decade, military technology was altered to create small drones that could be operated by anyone. Most drones are equipped with cameras and have the ability to record videos while in flight. This technology has enabled photographers and average Joes alike to capture incredible footage from overhead. Aside from recreational uses, it is expected that drones will be responsible for delivering packages by air in as little as five years.

3. Hoverboards

Years ago, children and teens with shiny new bicycles were the envy of the neighbourhood. This decade, however, the focus has shifted to hoverboards. Hoverboards are battery-powered self-balancing platforms with two wheels. They can move at speeds up to around 15mph and are essentially hands-free scooters with power. This technology involving electricity and the magnetic force is enjoyed by people of all ages although, with questions of safety and cases of exploding batteries, it is hard to tell where the technology used to create hoverboards will ultimately lead.

4. Smart Homes

A home that can “learn” desired room temperatures throughout the day and remind its owners when they need to purchase eggs certainly appears to be something from The Jetsons. This decade, however, intelligent homes became a reality. 

When reflecting over the decade, there's no doubt that the last ten years have been a gamechanger.Click To Tweet

Homes that are equipped with WiFi-enabled products are capable of turning lights on and off at scheduled times, adjusting temperatures and activating security features. Smart refrigerators can even allow owners to access live views of the inside of their refrigerators while they are grocery shopping. With all of this technology, it’s safe to say that it won’t be long before a large quantity of the population is living in a futuristic-style home.

5. Mobile Payments

Cash and coins are being used less frequently by the day. Debit and credit cards certainly began this craze, but in recent years, mobile payments have been on the rise. Users of mobile payment services can pay a bill at a fast food joint or their local department stores by simply tapping a few buttons on their smartphones. Credit or debit card information is stored through the service and then payments are able to be made without ever removing a card (or cash) from a purse or wallet. The use of this technology may eventually eliminate the need to carry cash or cards.

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