State of the Art Technology can be Revolutionary, but why?

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Dec 22, 2020

What is a state of the art app development? To answer this as simply as possible, it’s an app that makes use and takes full advantage of the latest, greatest, and most advanced technology to create a product that’s truly game-changing and challenges the status quo. A state of the art app should consist of a beautiful design, be functional, and be more innovative than anything that’s come before it.

Below, we have created a list of state of the art apps that we believe provide excellent inspiration, showing how there’s a variety of different ways that mobile apps can successfully be innovative and revolutionary products.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed Mobile App Development Logo
There’s definitely no shortage of mobile photo editing apps, but Snapseed is a cut above the rest. It lets you non-destructively edit photos using powerful tools including selective editing brushes, a combination of layers, and a variety of filters available to choose from.

This app is advanced enough for professionals but simple enough to be used by almost anyone. The simple layout and ‘swipe to adjust’ controls make it intuitive and easy to use, without limiting your creative options. Novice photo editors can have fun with applying the different filters, while pros can spend hours tweaking in-depth settings.

The level of precision and quality that Snapseed offers via a simple mobile interface makes it a true game-changer within the mobile photography industry.
Snapseed Mobile Photo Editing Development App Store Screenshot Example

2. Fabulous

Fabulous Meditation Mobile App Logo
Fabulous teaches you how to change your life by adjusting your habits. It’s built on a strong scientific foundation but the app itself is beautiful, simple, and extremely easy to use – which explains why it won Google’s Material Design Award for the most charming engagement.

A beautiful full-screen display appears each morning, prompting you to follow your routine – accompanied by memorable images and sound effects designed to make your chosen habits long-lasting. As you progress through the app, you’ll add more habits to each routine, with built-in guidance for options like yoga and meditation.

The app feels like a fun game, and it’s satisfying to see your habit streak increase. However, this is all based on real research and has the power to make a dramatic difference to your life – something not many apps can promise.
Fabulous Health Mobile App Store Screenshot Example

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3. Headspace

Headspace Meditation Health Mobile App Logo

Headspace has been described as ‘the app that made meditation a $250 million business‘, and there’s a good reason why. This app takes something many people are afraid to try – meditation — and makes it simple, fun, and engaging.

The app uses cute cartoon characters to demonstrate different concepts, and the different meditation paths are organized according to your needs. It doesn’t require a large time commitment and the audio guidance is down-to-earth and accessible.

In terms of taking a niche practice and making it into a mainstream hit, Headspace is truly one revolutionary app.
Headspace Meditation Mobile App Store Screenshot Example

4. Strava

Strava Health and Fitness Mobile App Logo
Strava is a sleek, smart app that makes it easy to track your activity. You’ll be able to look back at your routes on a detailed street map, then share them with others and get inspiration for your next adventure.

The smart ‘heatmap’ feature shows which routes are most popular in different areas – ideal if you travel a lot. You can track your performance stats, monitor progress, and set goals for the future.

Strava really does turn every phone into ‘a sophisticated running and cycling computer.’ In terms of making creative use of GPS and movement tracking, Strava really is revolutionary – and the social route sharing functions take it to the next level.
Strava Health and Fitness Mobile App Store Screenshot Example

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BANDIMAL Mobile App Logo
BANDIMAL is one of the winners of the 2018 Apple Design Awards. It’s a gorgeous app which lets children create music by tapping on cartoon animals. The animals are beautifully animated to match the tunes kids create, and there’s plenty of room for experimentation. All tunes are based on pentatonic scales, so kids will never make anything that doesn’t sound good.

This isn’t the first music making app for kids, but it’s definitely the most visually-pleasing, intuitive, and clever.
BANDIMAL Childrens Mobile App Store Screenshot Example
State of the art apps does what no app has done before – and in a way that’s more attractive, appealing, and intuitive. Here at Glance, we have a variety of work that we’re very proud of and we believe is state of the art worthy. There’s always room for new innovation in the app industry, so Talk To Us today to get your project started!

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