Thought Leader Series: Follow These Steps to Begin Licensed App Development

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Aug 23, 2017

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App development is a lucrative business, and having an idea is just the beginning. It’s possible to make a business out of app development if you follow the right game plan. Read on for the steps to follow to begin licensed app development.

1. Brainstorm

Starting any new venture begins with an idea. If you’re stumped about the kind of app you want to develop, begin with a problem. What’s a common problem that could be solved by your app? For example, if you want to solve boredom, develop a great new game. Developing a fantastic photo editor app could help solve current issues with mobile photo editing. Brainstorm ideas, and go with the one that seems the most lucrative and that you’re most passionate about.

2. Share Your Idea

It’s time to get opinions about your app idea. Introduce your idea to friends and family, and ask if they’d download and use it. Ask for feedback, and make what changes seem to make sense. Next, open up your idea to unbiased people: random Internet users. Create a website or page on an existing website to introduce the idea to the public. Log feedback, and encourage those who are interested to sign up via email.

*Note: Before sharing your idea in a public forum, talk to a patent/copyright professional to ensure that you protect your idea from being stolen.

3. Put it on Paper

You have the idea, and now there’s interest. The next step is to put it on paper. Detail the flow of the app and how the user will navigate through the features. List all the details and features you see the app including. It’s much easier to organize your thoughts on paper than keep it all stored in your mind.

4. Keep it Simple

So now you have all of the minute details, all the features and bells and whistles that you want your app to include. Now it’s time to get rid of the excess, as simplicity is best. Remove any nonessential features, keeping only core items. If you later decide you want to reintroduce some of these elements, you can do so in an updated release of the app. 

App development is a lucrative business, and having an idea is just the beginning.Click To Tweet

Keeping things as simple as possible, without losing what makes your app so great, will also keep development costs lower, allowing your app to get on the market more quickly.

5. Find a Developer

It’s best to find a professional app development to take on the task of developing your app to perfection, how you want it. Seek a company with experience and a solid portfolio. If this is your first time creating an app, try to find a development team with expertise in user experience and graphic design. They’ll be able to guide you to creating the best version of your app, while making it easy to use.

6. Get Registered

Depending on the platform you choose to launch from, there will be a fee for you to become a registered developer on that platform, and therefore able to offer your app to the public. As it is now, Google’s Android costs $25 each year while Apple has an annual fee of $99. If you have a business established, you can register as a company; otherwise, you can register as an individual. Do your research, and ask the app development team for their thoughts and opinions as well.

7. Track Your Progress

Before you know it, your app will have gone live. Now you must track its progress. Follow the number of downloads, the amount of user engagement, and how many users keep or uninstall the app. Also, gather customer feedback, which will help you determine what improvements need to be made.

8. Upgrade Your App

When you’re ready to release an updated version of your app, contact your current users with “how to upgrade” information. And highlight what’s new and awesome about this new version of your app.

There are many steps to developing a licensed app. Follow the above steps, and be sure to access experts along the away, and your app will be a success.

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