Top 4 iPhone Cases Worthy of James Bond

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While Bond Lifestyle reported that James Bond had a Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone in the movie “Spectre,” now he probably would have switched to an iPhone due to its superior data encryption. After all, even the FBI had to pay an anonymous, third-party hacker $1.3 million to access files on a 5c model iPhone, according to updates from the ITPro website.

Still, it’s not enough just to have the same phone as the leading undercover agent in British intelligence. Bond always has understated-looking accessories that pack a punch too. Here’s a list of the top four iPhone cases worthy of 007 that are legally available for civilian personal surveillance missions as well. On this list, we’ve saved the best for last, the Yellow Jacket smartphone case. 

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1. Swipe up a space-inspired case for extreme temperatures.

Whether pursuing suspicious characters down a steep ski slope or escaping off into the desert, get a case that protects your phone under every temperature all the time. Using the key ingredient of NASA’s space blankets, metallized polyethylene terephthalate, Salt Cases reflect outside radiation and also insulate your phone from all drastic temperature changes. While most electronic devices fail when they get hotter than 95 F or colder than 32 F, the Space Foundation certified that Salt Cases actually stabilize the temperature of your iPhone. Salt Cases use three layers of astronaut-tested protection inside inconspicuously stylish skins of black, red or grey.

2. Grab an anti-gravity case with switchable backplates.

How many times do henchmen interrupt Bond to start a fight in the middle of his reconnaissance missions? That’s why both Bond and aspiring spies alike will greatly benefit from being able to literally “stick” their phone in a safe place instantly for ultimate hands-free use, even on some ceilings if needed. The anti-gravity case by the Mega Tiny Corporation uses a nano-suction surface on the back that won’t stick to pockets either. Instead, it sticks immediately to most flat surfaces such as mirrors, cabinets, car dashboards, tiles, whiteboards and most metal or glass materials. The suction is strong enough to keep your phone in place overnight for long stakeouts, too. Plus, the new backplates let you add the functionality of a leather wallet, a mirror with shatter-proof construction and a bottle opener to your phone case. How else will super spies enjoy a bottle of Heineken or a Perrier-mixed drink after a long day?

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3. Snag a shock-proof diving case for action photos.

Remember when Bond plummeted off that train into the river after taking a deadly uranium bullet in the “Skyfall” movie? Well, here’s the kind of case that would protect Bond’s iPhone in those high-impact, underwater scenarios: Body Glove’s Optrix 6 Pro with a set of four camera lenses. Specifically, the Optrix Xpedition and XD5 models keep an iPhone dry for up to a depth of 33 feet, or 10 meters, underwater. Plus, reviews describe how this case can insulate your iPhone from drops of up to 20 feet or 6.1 meters too. We’re calling this case a definite go-to gadget for every modern-day Bond in training who needs great action footage in all sorts of outdoor terrain.

4. Weaponize your iPhone with a real stun-gun case.

No list of Bond gadgets is complete without one little device that has the potential to do some real damage to an unsuspecting opponent. Therefore, the Yellow Jacket smartphone stun-gun case is our “crowning olive” to this Bond-style martini of a list. On the outside, it looks just like a rubberized case that’s available with trims in every colour in the rainbow. However, this Yellow Jacket phone case for Android can deliver a shock of 7 million volts to your attacker that will make them collapse into muscle spasms in about five seconds. Perfect for self defense.

Which iPhone cases do you think are the most “Bond-worthy”?

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