TV Streaming Services: The Competition to be the Best

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Apr 16, 2020
TV Streaming Services: A Race To Be The Best | Glance

The days of having to perfectly time your evenings in order to tune in live to tv showings/movies now seem like a thing of the past. Renting DVD’s and TV shows at stores like Blockbusters also seems like an ancient inconvenience thanks to the immense popularity of on-demand software development and streaming services. All it takes is a few clicks of a button in the comfort of your own home and you can watch your favourite movies and shows on-demand. Over the years, a variety of on-demand streaming services have grown into the already-existing collection of companies to choose from. With all of the variety, which would be best to suit your needs?

Why The Catalogue Matters

Part of the main reason why on-demand app development services have such high success is largely down to the factor of what their individual libraries have to offer in terms of content, ranging from originals to exclusives. That’s why so many services are heavily investing in developing high-quality original content across the board. You only have to look at examples such as Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’, Amazon’s ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’, and HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’, which are all Emmy award-winning TV shows.

Whilst these popular streaming service’s advantage is the original content that they have to offer, there are other platforms that also have a wide library of content that appeals to a larger group of people. Some of the best services that can fully utilise live broadcasting – for example – as well as maintaining a large catalogue of varied content have grown in popularity and size, with the likes of Disney+, YouTube TV, Twitch and Hulu.


The Competition for On-Demand Streaming

There are a variety of on-demand app experiences available that provides an excellent selection of TV shows, movies and original content. If the content isn’t your only deciding factor for determining which service is the best for you, then maybe the price is.

Netflix – £5.99pm

Netflix is the industry standard of online-streaming. With an impressive selection of content at all times, new titles swapped out for older ones on a monthly basis and a growing library of premier original programming, Netlfix is almost able to outclass its competitors. With its advantage of years worth of experience, the service will most certainly be a great suit for consumers who enjoy easily consumable content that’s popular.

Disney+ – £5.99pm

Disney + App Streaming Service App Logo

When it comes to TV shows and original movies that we all grew up with, there’s always a soft spot for retreading on content that maintains our youthful memories. Disney+ has perfectly captured that niche as they understood clearly the motto of ‘nostalgia sells’. By offering the options of a free trial, a monthly and yearly payment system, Disney is allowing their services to be greatly accessible. The platform allows users to conveniently stream their childhood Disney TV shows and movies, as well as providing original and traditional content of the wealthy movies they own – ranging from Marvel, Star Wars, Simpsons etc.

Disney + App Streaming Service

Amazon Prime Video – £5.99pm

Amazon smartly offers its consumers access to its exclusive video content in a bundle of ways. One way is a primary and separate Amazon Video subscription, as well as an Amazon Prime subscription, depending on the consumer’s intentions with the service. In recent years, Amazon has focused on curating a wide variety of original shows and exclusive movies.

PlayStation Vue – $44.99pm

Sony’s PlayStation Vue live-streaming service is a great choice for consumers who wants to exclude their Tv billings, even if they’re not exclusive PlayStation owners. Sony offers a few plan options for its consumers – depending on the content you’d like to see – with it’s core and primary plan being $44.99pm. This enables consumers to have access to a wide range of news, entertainment and sports channels.

Now TV – £3.99pm

Now TV acts a separate division service directly from Sky TV. Unlike the other streaming services, you pay for subscriptions/packages that is of specific interest to you. You can either purchase subscriptions for entertainment, movies and sports, or collectively purchase a package deal to receive all of the content.

HBO Now – $15pm

Being one of the original premium content channels, HBO offers a variety of ways to now exclusively stream their content, which includes HBO Go and HBO Now. It’s definitely one of the pricier options for streaming services, coming in at a $15pm premium subscription.

The Future for Streaming Services

Whether you’re just getting into the concept of streaming services or you’re a veteran, one thing is for certain – it’s definitely here to stay, and only get better with personalised recommendations and exclusive content. New additions are being added each year to the expanding catalogue of services, and especially this year, we can be expecting the new Disney+, Apple TV+, BET+ and so forth. Get yourself up to speed with what these upcoming services can offer you, and it’ll be interesting to see how well they perform amongst the already stiff competition.

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