What Are the Business Objectives for a Mobile App?

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Aug 31, 2021

Mobile apps have been around for years, but businesses are always finding new ways to utilise and benefit from them. What does your company get out of having a mobile app for your loyal customers? Brand awareness is always a big draw for people, but there’s a lot more you can get out of your mobile app experience.

Whether you’re building enterprise apps, retail apps, or something just for fun, there’s always some business objective or goal your app can help fulfil. Let’s take some time to dive into the basics of brand awareness and how your mobile app can help you achieve your most important business goals.

What is Brand Awareness?

In simple terms, brand awareness is a marketing term that’s used to describe the degree of awareness an individual has around a certain company or product. People use a variety of marketing techniques and platforms for the sole purpose of improving brand awareness among consumers.

Brand awareness is important for a variety of reasons that go beyond recognition. Awareness can create trust between companies and consumers. It gives brands a serious competitive edge and can do a lot to aid in expansion and increasing sales. Many business goals that are tied to sales, company expansion, and improving products and services can tie back to basic brand awareness.

Apps can play an important role in a brand awareness campaign because they’re a platform for people to engage with your company on. Your app can give people information about your company, provide a way for them to buy products or services, and play into the overall brand experience.

Beyond Brand Awareness: Other Ways Apps Help Companies

As you can see, brand awareness is important and ties into many key business objectives. However, it’s far from the only benefit developing an app can bring to companies.

Unsure of the other benefits your app could bring to your company, business, or organisation? Here are just some of the ways your app can help you reach your most important business goals.

Increase Sales

Whether you sell products online or deal with providing professional services, the right app can do a lot to help you increase your sales. Online and in-app shopping has become a part of life, and giving people more ways to buy from your company can only benefit you in the long run.

Whether you sell products online or deal with providing professional services, the right app can do a lot to help you increase your sales.Click To Tweet

Apps can make the buying process much more intuitive and efficient. You can streamline the buying process, showcase other related items and services buyers may be interested in and can offer, and create more opportunities to connect with new and returning customers.

Improve Loyalty

How do you currently reward customers for their loyalty to your brand? The old loyalty card system is a bit outdated and easily flawed. Use your app to improve customer loyalty with your own special loyalty program!

Infographic: These Are the Brands Americans Claim They Can’t Live Without | Statista

Instead of having to remember to bring the same card with them each time they make a purchase, all customers have to do is use their phones.

One of the biggest benefits of using an app is its total convenience. Sometimes just making loyalty easier to access is enough to keep customers happy and engaged.

Stay Top of Mind

Imagine you’re out on a lunch break and trying to decide where to grab a quick bite. You’re not craving anything, but there are plenty of local restaurants in the area. As you’re looking around you, receive a notification on your phone that a nearby sandwich place just gave you a 10% off coupon.

You weren’t thinking of them before, but that little discount just helped you decide where to eat.

You’re far from the only company trying to grab and keep people’s attention. People are bombarded with ads from different competitors through email, text, and mobile devices. Make sure your message resonates by building a solid app people can interact with.

Location services paired with push notifications can change the entire way people use your app. Being able to send people relevant discounts and messages when they’re close to your business helps keep your brand top of mind.

Collect Important Data

Data is more important than ever for businesses to collect. The data you collect from your users can give you important market insight and can drive your product roadmap for years to come. There are plenty of ways businesses can get data from their users, and apps are one of the easiest and most effective ways to collect it.

Use your app as an information-gathering tool as well as a way to meet customer needs. You can gather data passively through analytics or actively by using push notifications or in-app pop-up questions.

Consider focusing on in-app behaviour to learn more about your customers. Collect data points around specific instances, such as when users purchase or leave a review. See how people are using your product and why they choose your brand over others.

Reach More People

Did you know that 90% of people in the UK own a smartphone? For the longest time, marketing and tech experts would push people to focus on making sure their website works for desktop and mobile environments. Your website is still very important, but how your brand is presented in an app environment also matters.

Infographic: Top Smartphone App Categories People Report Using | Statista

Plenty of people can find your website or social profiles, but even more, can find your business in an app store. Sometimes just offering an app experience instead of defaulting to a web one can be enough to bring in more people.

An app isn’t just helpful for finding new customers; it can help bring old ones back into the fold. Knowing that there’s a new app they can use can be enough to make people curious about your brand again.

Start Building Today

Brand awareness is an important part of any marketing and growth strategy. Apps are an excellent way to build awareness and help you reach other important business goals.

Are you ready to start building your app? Do you have questions about our process? Could you use a little help brainstorming ideas?

Regardless of your app needs, we’re ready to meet you where you’re at. Reach out to us so we can start a conversation about the best way to create your future app.

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