Why Every Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

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Aug 23, 2017

Serve your customers a mobile app, and watch your clientele grow!

Restauranteurs are a passionate breed who bring their creativity and passion to life by crafting a variety of unique flavors for the consumption of people. With over 75,000 restaurants spanning the U.K., hungry people have an endless array of zesty meals at their fingertips, whilst restauranteurs face mounting competition. A mobile app is just what restauranteurs need to kick their business up a notch and stand out among competitors.

Offer Online Reservations to Attract More Customers

Though many restaurants require reservations, not all customers enjoy the pain of making the phone call. In fact, many introverts, which compose about 25 to 50 percent of the population, detest talking on the phone, so you may be missing out on a lot of clientele by offering only phone reservations. The ability to reserve restaurant space via a mobile app will open you up to a wider range of customers and increase the convenience for both your customers and employees.

Encourage People to Leave Positive Reviews

Studies have resoundingly shown that customers are more likely to share or review negative experiences than positive experiences, and a very small minority of customers leave any review at all. With a mobile app, you provide customers with a much more efficient and convenient platform for leaving a review, which can provide satisfied customers with more motivation to rate their experience.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Drive Sales

Perhaps one of the more popular ways businesses are utilising mobile apps is by increasing customer loyalty. With an app, you can connect customers to your loyalty program more easily. Many loyalty programs rely on physical cards that are scanned or punched every time customers patronise the establishment. However, these cards are often forgotten, lost, or damaged. 

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Mobile devices on the other hand, are almost always carried with a person, making it a more effective and consistent method for implementing customer loyalty programs. With customer loyalty, you’ll not only improve brand recognition, you can increase sales by offering promotions and rewards that incentivise spending.

The ability to reserve, order, and pay from an app will fuel business efficiency.

Offering Mobile Ordering

The movie rental industry was destroyed by websites like Netflix and Hulu, which swept in and offered the public a much more convenient method of devouring their cinema and television. Now, the restaurant industry is experiencing a similar dilemma, due to the emergence of websites like GrubHub. GrubHub enables people to order a five-star meal from home, have it available via delivery or pickup, and enjoy all their favorite foods from the comfort of their couch. By offering a mobile app, you can give your customers a convenient method of placing an order for delivery or pickup, so they don’t pass you by in search of more convenient options.

Make Their Mouth Water

The best way to attract customers to your restaurant is by making their mouth water with irresistible advertisements. With a mobile app, you can connect directly to the customer and keep them informed about new flavors and dishes at your restaurant, so their taste buds will perpetually crave your food.

Build Your Restaurant App Today and Watch Your Restaurant Flourish

Don’t delay any longer. Give your loyal customers the convenience and efficiency they need by providing them with a mobile app to connect with your restaurant. A mobile app will improve your marketing campaign, strengthen client retention, and increase your sales. Professional mobile app development companies like Glance can provide you with all the tools you need to design, build, and market your app. Contact us today to learn more.

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