Why Your Travel Company Needs a Branded App

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In today’s digital world, it’s important that ever company has a mobile app in order to reach its customers. Statistics show that consumers are using mobile more than ever — and nearly 90 percent of that mobile usage time is spent using apps. If you run a travel company, however, it’s particularly important that your company have a branded app. Travel based app development can help reach customers on the go and thereby maximize your business. Here’s why branded apps are so essential for travel companies.

1. Consumers Book Their Travel Plans via Mobile Devices

According to a recent study by eMarketer, 51.8 percent of all American travelers will book their travel arrangements using a mobile device. This is a nearly eight percent increase from the previous year. In order to be the company that a consumer chooses for booking travel, it’s important to be available — and easy to use — via mobile.


2. Consumers Research Their Travel Plans via Mobile

Consumers don’t only use their mobile devices to book travel plans. They also use their devices to research about what they will do while they travel, and where they will go. eMarketer reports that currently, 62.6 percent of Americans use their mobile device to do their travel research and 73 percent will do mobile travel research by the end of this year. Offer consumers a useful resource for travel research, and you can take capture an audience of potential paying customers.


3. Apps That Offer Offline Resources Are Extremely Useful for Travelers

Many travelers travel to places where they don’t have access to the Internet or they can’t use their mobile data affordably. If you create a mobile app, you can offer travelers extremely helpful resources online — like saved maps, itineraries or useful guides. A branded app gives you the chance to provide a huge amount of utility to people on-the-go who can’t actually access mobile Internet.


4. They Help You Better Understand Your Customer

Branded apps don’t only provide useful information to your customers, they also can provide useful information to your company about users’ habits. Branded apps can deliver data about searches, usage, time spent on certain features and more. This can help you get a better sense of who your customers are and what they do, and this can ultimately help you better personalize the services you deliver.


5. It’s Expected

In today’s digital age, consumers expect a well-designed, easy-to-use app from their favorite brands. In fact, according to reports, 90 percent of all companies will invest more money in mobile apps this year. This means that consumers will be looking for an app from you — and actually having one can help build consumer trust and loyalty. Also, because apps are so common, there’s a good chance your competitor has one — and you don’t want to be beat out simply because you don’t have an effective mobile presence. 
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Today’s technological world is an increasingly mobile one, and since consumers spend nearly all of their mobile time on apps, it’s important that your travel company create one for your customers to use. A mobile app also falls in line with the philosophy of a travel company; life can be experienced on-the-go, and everything necessary can be accessed and enjoyed — even if one is not sitting still or settled.

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