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The 2019 BAFTA Awards will be held on Sunday, 10 February. Film buffs await the event eagerly, hoping to see their favourites bring home the coveted trophy. 

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Are you an aspiring filmmaker or just a film buff and are planning on tuning in to the BAFTA Awards this 2019? If so, consider downloading one or more of the following iPhone or Android apps for filmmakers. The best apps for filmmakers in 2019 make it easier than ever to not only enjoy the awards ceremony but also make your day-to-day as a filmmaker both easier and more efficient.

IMDb is Among the Best iPad Apps for Filmmakers With Its Encyclopedic Appeal

IMDB Movie Review Mobile App Development

The app version of the Internet Movie Database is useful to have when you want to quickly look up trailers, actors, and really almost any movie details. It’s one of the essential filmmaking apps for iPhone and Android because it provides information that’s incredibly useful for the profession. For example, if you spot an actor you love and are considering hiring them for your own gig, you can use the IMDB app to learn more about them before you look to hire.

IMDB Movie App Development Screenshots

Opt for YouTube as the Android and iPhone Filmmaking App for Making and Viewing Trailers

YouTube Mobile App Development

With the Youtube app, you can learn more about the BAFTA Awards 2019 nominees. For use in your career, though, this is also among the best Android and iPad apps for filmmakers that are just starting out. As a documentary maker app or for other types of material, it’s easy to upload content to the platform. With so many active monthly users, this Android and iPhone filmmaking app provides uploaders with a better chance of getting their videos seen.

YouTube Mobile App Development Screenshots

Celtx Shots as an iPad App for Filmmaking Makes Storyboarding a Breeze

Celtx Shots Mac Store App

The desktop version of Celtx is a versatile program that allows users to generate, edit, and store numerous pre-production documents for their film projects. Celtx Shots isolates the shot-planning features for mobile users.   

Being able to plan shots and storyboard the action via a convenient mobile app makes preparing for a shoot that much easier. Celtx Shots is one of the best apps for filmmakers in 2019, precisely for this purpose.

Celtx Shots Mac Store App Screenshots

The Green Screener Filmmaking App for iPhone and Android Lets Amateurs Add Pro-Level Effects

The Green Screener Film Mobile App

The popular Hollywood effect of substituting a green background with essentially any background a filmmaker chooses is now easily accessible to smartphone-based directors. Green Screener is a particularly useful iPad app for filmmaking because it shows users how evenly lit their green screens are. This prevents inconsistencies in the final product.

The Green Screener Film Mobile App Screenshots

The best apps for filmmakers in 2019 make it easier than ever to not only enjoy the awards ceremony but also make your day-to-day as a filmmaker both easier and more efficient.Click To Tweet

FiLMiC Pro is a Unique Documentary Maker App

FiLMiC Pro Editing and Filming Mobile App

Film enthusiasts are often inspired to make their own movies after watching awards shows, and the BAFTA awards in 2019 will likely be no exception. Luckily, smartphones are now capable of putting striking images on the screen. What started with a revolution in the camera industry is now merging into video and filmmaking.

Using one of the best iPad apps for filmmakers – Filmic Pro – The Florida Project director Sean Baker actually made his first feature-length picture with an iPhone instead of a traditional camera. This Android and iPhone filmmaking app is helpful because it allows users to adjust certain elements (such as exposure and focus) to a greater degree than most smartphone video apps.

FiLMiC Pro Editing and Filming Mobile App Screenshots

The Top Apps for Filmmakers in 2019 Include Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip Film Editing Mobile App

Shooting video is just half of the equation when you set out to make your own movie; you also need to edit it. That’s what Adobe Premiere Clip is for. This iPhone, iPad, and Android app for filmmakers is designed to simplify the editing process. And because it’s free, you don’t need to worry about wasting your money on a product you won’t have a use for.

Adobe Premiere Clip Film Editing Mobile App Screenshot

Consider downloading the best apps for filmmakers in 2019 now so you can experiment with them before the BAFTA Awards. Whether you’re a budding director just getting started or an experienced pro, having filmmaking apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad can help land you at the awards show in the future. If you have an app idea, we’d love to collaborate with you. Talk To Us today! 

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