How Can On-Demand Apps March the Mobile Industry Forward?

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Once upon a time, you had very few television channels, and even those had strict program schedules. You also had to wait for a long time after calling a cab for it to arrive and pick you up. All of that seems as if it is a distant memory in the past thanks to the rise of both Netflix and Uber, 2 extremely popular on-demand applications. With the rise of these on-demand service apps, your wants and needs are now met and delivered to you at just a tap on your smartphone.

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On-demand economy apps are very much part of our lives now. Last year, users spent 98% more on on-demand applications for entertainment than in 2017. 


Two Different Models for On Demand Work and Services Apps

Mobile apps created for companies like Justeat, Airbnb and other such on-demand economy apps have played a vital role in setting the trends in the mobile app arena. The Uber business model has many followers that now aspire to Uber-like app development and many downloads from their dedicated user base. Interestingly, Uber is able to generate money without actually selling any physical products. Instead, their on-demand work apps just connect you with providers of products and services. They don’t necessarily handle the services. Instead, they only provide the technology to help facilitate them.

Many new service-sector startups are adopting a slightly different approach to on-demand delivery app development. They leverage technology that allows you to order anything from food to home-cleaning services and send their employees to deliver them to the customer. They believe in owning more of the process and being involved with a more hands-on approach by delivering the products and services successfully to their customer base to maintain a physical interaction and enable customer retention.

Industries That Utilise On-Demand Economy Apps

Many leading industries already successfully utilise the advantages that on-demand service and delivery apps have to offer. Take a look for yourself at just how on-demand applications can be extremely beneficial.

On-Demand Food & Beverage Delivery Apps

Just Eat

An Example of a Just Eat Food Mobile App Logo

Just Eat App Store Screenshot Example

Home Services On-Demand


GoFantastic Mobile App Logo

GoFantastic Mobile App Store Screenshot Examples

On-Demand Service Apps for Child Care Mobile App Logo Mobile App Store Screenshot Examples

Entertainment On-Demand Applications


Netflix Mobile App Logo

Netflix Entertainment Mobile App Store Screenshot Example

On-Demand App Investments Indicate Room to Grow

On-Demand apps-based services have proven its significance within the already overcrowded app market. This particular industry relies on the importance of making our lives more resourceful by offering a level of convenience. Whether you need different platforms for entertainment, child care or health services, all of this becomes materialised instantly with just a few swipes and taps of your fingers thanks to on-demand work apps. As technology continues to improve and revolutionise, so does our expectations of what we demand from it. This means that in the future, we would feel most obliged to have everything accessible from within our hands, which evidences the importance of on-demand economy apps.

All you have to do is take a look at the investments made in the on-demand app industry investments over the past 5 years.

An Example of On-Demand Investments

Despite the rise in interest and popularity for Uber-like app development and other on-demand applications, only around 7% of the potential on-demand app market has been fully utilised within the mobile industry. As the abundance of smartphones, businesses and other advanced gadgets continue to grow at a rapid speed, so will the need for on-demand delivery and service apps.

This particular industry relies on the importance of making our lives more resourceful by offering a level of convenience.Click To Tweet

On-demand work apps have continued to remain popular and flourish as they provide convenience, fast and punctual delivery, quality, cost-effectiveness, quick and easy payment methods, etc.

If you are a mobile app developer and you wish to widen the reach of your business and boost revenues, it’s important for you to consider an on-demand app. Even if your business is in a sector that has many competitors, it can be a game-changer for you. Talk To Us today and we can help assist you with the right technology!

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