Apple is a technology industry leader with a solid reputation and highly coveted products. Despite this, Android had amassed a commanding 86.2 percent of smartphone sales as of the second quarter of 2016. How did Apple’s biggest rival slip past them in the race for tech dominance? While the list is quite lengthy, here are 10 of the top reasons that so many enthusiasts choose Android over Apple.

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1. Universal Chargers

Apple’s Lightning connector works on all mobile Apple devices purchased after 2012. If your Apple device is older than that, its charger won’t work on your newer device. The new Lightning connector won’t work on devices other than Apple without a Lightning to Micro USB adapter. Android, meanwhile, already uses the standardised and ubiquitous Micro USB connection for its chargers.

2. More Phone Choices

Apple enthusiasts have a limited selection of phones available for upgrades, whereas Android users have several brands of phones to choose from at different price levels.

3. Removable Storage and Battery

Increasing memory capacity in an iPhone or iPad requires a costly upgrade, but many Android devices have expandable microSD card slots. Android batteries are also removable, allowing for replacement of just the battery and not the entire phone.

4. Widgets

Widgets, or self contained programs, add functionality and flexibility to Android devices. Android has far more to offer than Apple, such as Battery Widget Reborn and Circle Launcher.

5. Better Hardware

Some Android flagship phones compete well against iPhone, with better hardware. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, for example, out muscles the iPhone 6S Plus with a faster processor, more RAM, increased battery capacity and better screen resolution.

6. Better Charging Options

Android’s fast charging is enticing enough without another added Android charging perk: wireless.

7. Infrared

Why would you be happy that your Android has infrared? Think wireless cross-device interaction, and more importantly, it can act as a TV remote.

8. More App Choices

With Android devices, you can shop for apps outside the Play Store at places such as Amazon.

9. Custom Keyboards

If you don’t like your Apple keyboard, your options are limited, whereas Android offers alternative choices such as Swiftkey.

10. Google Play Is More User-Friendly

Both the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play offer over one million downloadable apps. However, the App Store has restrictions, such as a mandatory iTunes interface and a requirement that downloaded movies be played on Apple devices. 

Both the Apple App Store and Android's Google Play offer over one million downloadable apps.Click To Tweet

Android’s Google Play, on the other hand, uses a more open web interface for app downloads and offers movies that are playable on any device with a web browser.

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