4 Tips for Top-Selling App Development

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Aug 23, 2017

The Google Play store boasts 1.6 million different apps for users to download. The Apple App Store features another 1.5 million apps. Even the relatively tiny Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store, and BlackBerry World offer a few hundred thousand apps each. Yes, if you’re keeping track, there are well over four million apps available to users, with more added each day.

What does this mean for your app development project? It means you need to step up your game or get left in the dust. Here are your top tips for developing an app that sells instead of lying idly in the app stores.

1. Build in Shareability

Make it easy for users to get the word out about your great new app. Build in social sharing, email sharing, and other capabilities so that happy users can spread the word.

Apps that are wildly popular are usually promoted by the users, not just by the company’s marketing department. For instance, many more people were exposed to the phenomenon of Angry Birds because their friends and coworkers carried on so than they would have been if the only promotion for the game was advertising. In fact, few people even remember seeing advertisements for Angry Birds until it was a worldwide success story. Build social and/or email shareability into your app so that users can help take your project viral for you.

2. Build Across Platforms

If you’re building for either Apple or Android, you’re missing out on hundreds of millions of potential users. Building for Apple but not Android leaves you lacking nearly 800 million potential users. Building for Android but not Apple eliminates almost 300 million potential users. By building for both, you not only expand your base of potential customers, but you also establish a name for yourself as a reputable and trusted developer.

3. Build for Small Markets, Too

Trouble breaking into the swamped markets in the U.S. and Europe? Hit the road! Make a name for yourself in the smaller markets and your reputation will soon bring you recognition and success in the larger playing fields. 

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Speaking of building a name for yourself and your brand, the coveted U.S. and European markets aren’t the only way to do that. Don’t overlook the potential of small and developing markets, such as those in Asia and South America. While these markets aren’t as large and prestigious, they are easier to break into, and success here often leads to recognition that can be a stepping stone into the U.S. and EU marketplaces.

4. Testing 1, 2, 3

By the time an app development project is ready for testing, you’re likely antsy to get to market. Stop! Don’t get trigger happy. Take the time to thoroughly beta test, and to make changes and additions based on what testers indicate would improve the user experience. Fix significant bugs now to keep down on technical debt that can bite you later. Streamline the interface, add features users ask for, and get rid of anything that testers indicated didn’t contribute to a great UX. Testing isn’t time to hurry to the app store; it’s time to stop, evaluate what is right, and improve what could be better.

Better yet, let the experts handle your app development needs so that you can focus on what makes your business great: building and marketing your brand’s products and services. Contact us at Glance to get started today.

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