4 Ways Your App Development Projects Can Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

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What makes the difference in a successful mobile app and an unsuccessful one? The successful app is built from the ground up to provide stellar customer service. The unsuccessful one tacks on customer service as an afterthought. Done right, a mobile app can improve the level of service your brand offers its customers and develop deeper, more lasting relationships. Here are several ways that your app development projects can lead to improvements in customer service.

1. Mobile Apps Can Deliver Customer Service Fast

Today’s mobile users are spoiled. If you can’t deliver a super-fast user experience, they’re looking elsewhere for answers.

Today’s customers are notoriously impatient. They want answers immediately, and it is annoying for them if they can’t get what they need within a couple of clicks. If your app developers manage to deliver a streamlined, intuitive, speedy interface where customers can easily and quickly find what they are looking for, your app will soar above the competition.

2. Mobile Apps Allow for Immediate Customer Feedback

With customer satisfaction surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other means for gauging customer satisfaction and reaction, it can take weeks or months to collect, analyze, and report on customer feedback. By then, you’ve lost many valuable customers you aren’t likely to get back. With a mobile app, you can collect, analyze, and make decisions on customer feedback in real time. This allows your business to respond to and satisfy customers who would otherwise run to your competitors. A constant stream of customer feedback assures that your business is always on track and in step with your customer base.

3. Mobile Apps Are Minimally Intrusive on the User’s Life

Mobile apps done right are a help to, not a hindrance of, the users’ daily lives. For example, notifications help keep users informed of important news or sports events, inclement weather, or other things they have an expressed interest in. Alerts and notifications, when done correctly, are not intrusive but do keep the customer engaged with your brand. The information is seen as a helper, not an interruption or intrusion on the users’ life.

4. Mobile Apps Can Give the User Options for Service Outside the App

To accommodate the questions and queries your developers couldn’t foresee, give users a quick, easy way to get in touch with your customer service department, connect with your website, bring up your FAQ page, and other out-of-app experiences. 

Mobile apps done right are a help to, not a hindrance of, the users' daily lives.Click To Tweet


Occasionally, a customer will have a need or desire for something your app developers couldn’t foresee. By empowering the app with an easy, fast way to connect to your company outside of the app (such as an icon that immediately calls customer service or opens a chat session), you can be sure your customers don’t leave out of frustration and run to your competitor. Other options to consider adding to your mobile app include the ability to go directly to your mobile website, FAQs page, blog, or other sources of information.

Is your business in need of an app to improve customer service and improve your brand’s customer relationships? Contact us at Glance to get started on your mobile app development project today!

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