How Your Mobile App Can Help Your Brand Stand Out

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Aug 23, 2017

Businesses develop apps for many purposes, ranging from e-commerce to internal operations to brand-building and more. One of the main reasons businesses like yours turn to mobile app development is to build brand awareness and help their brands stand out from the competition. Whether you create a game app in which your brand features, or develop a shopping app so your customers can shop from wherever they happen to be, mobile app development serves brand-building in multiple ways. Here are some of them.

By Improving Customer Engagement

A well-designed, well-executed app helps you build relationships with your customer base on a totally different level from social media and interaction on your website. Mobile app development aimed at increasing customer engagement allows you to send notifications directly to the app, letting you bypass easily-ignored email boxes and reach customers essentially 24/7. With the convenience of on-the-go access, your app offers a medium for connecting with customers for feedback and special offers, and you can sync your app with social media, making it a snap for customers to share content with their friends, extending brand reach further.

By Helping Boost Mobile e-Commerce Traffic

A great brand-centric e-commerce app not only makes it easy for your customers to shop, but also provides another channel for building your brand. For one thing, your logo can be a constant reminder on customers’ mobile screens. When you invest in outstanding mobile app development, you also invest in positive customer opinion: 61% of people say they have a better opinion of a brand when it comes along with a good mobile experience. The results feed directly into your bottom line when you make it simple for app users to check product availability, receive discounts and special offers, and make purchases with just a few taps.

By Adding Another Marketing Channel

When your company’s app can be easily found in the App Store or Google Play, you can expand your reach globally. These app sources add yet another marketing channel to your existing ones and allow your app to potentially be seen by millions of people. With push notifications, you can automatically send upcoming events and promotions to your customers. Rest assured: your website is as indispensable as ever, but websites don’t have as easy a time standing out from the crowd as a great app does. After all, the app icon is right there on your customers’ screens, whenever they scroll through their phones.

By Helping You Provide Better Customer Support

Mobile app development can now positively affect delivery of customer support. With an app that delivers customer support instantly and seamlessly, you’re more likely to keep customers. Businesses are increasing their customer service channels, branching into social media, for example. Delivering customer service through an app is another innovative way to introduce a new channel of communication and demonstrate to both new and existing customers that you’re well committed to taking care of their needs.

By Reinforcing Brand With Your Employees

Not all brand-building involves people outside your business, and not all apps are necessarily for customers. Just ask any business that has service technicians record transactions using mobile apps. Internal apps that help your employees work more efficiently improve their work satisfaction and reinforce your brand benefits with the very people who can be its biggest supporters. Mobile app development for employees can be customised to suit employee needs whilst remaining consistent with your brand. Employees can be some of your biggest brand ambassadors, and how you deliver the apps they use every day can positively influence their own brand perceptions.


Whether or not they’re specifically created for brand-building, your company’s mobile apps influence how your brand is perceived. Employees, shoppers, and others invested in your brand are reminded of it every time they scroll through their device screens or open the app. How you approach mobile app development can improve customer engagement, drive sales, increase your marketing channels, help you provide better customer support, and empower your employees to become better brand advocates. 

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When you choose a mobile app development leader like Glance, you can be certain that your development team will start out by listening carefully, and will keep you in the loop at every stage of the process. As a result, you’ll have an app that empowers employees or customers and works continually toward raising your brand’s profile.

Glance helps businesses just like yours develop their brands and increase sales through custom mobile app development. If you’d like to find out more, simply send us an enquiry and we’ll create a custom plan for the app that will serve your brand 24/7.

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