4 Amazing AI Apps for Android & iOS

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Sep 1, 2020

Users are flocking to mobile devices for everything from shopping to staying connected to coworkers and friends. As mobile apps continue to offer users more features to fit their needs, AI applications are creating experiences that intuitively predict what users need before they even know it. The incredible capabilities of AI applications for Android and iOS are offering companies a unique insight into how users engage with their content and offerings. There’s a world of opportunity through these apps that harness the power of machine learning. Here are four apps that are nailing the AI experience for users.

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Four AI Apps to Inspire Your Next Mobile App

A lot of app development for startups includes looking to the future. When it comes to mobile development, the future is AI. As you work on planning the functions of your app and deciding on a platform, keep these prime examples of AI’s capabilities in mind as you build your vision.

AI Voice Assistants – Alexa, Cortana, and Siri

The novelty of asking Siri to call someone is long gone. Now, AI voice assistants can do everything from internet searches to send an email. With an app compatible with one of these AI assistants, your users can have more flexibility in how they navigate your features. Despite the many iOS and Android differences, nearly ⅓ of mobile users love the freedom AI voice assistants have to offer. 

Predictive User Behavior – AI Platform Prediction 

Mobile users enjoy the on-the-go experience of browsing, surfing, shopping, and all the other things they can do from their phone or tablet. A huge perk to the mobile experience is predictive AI. This feature learns what a user is likely to do on their device and predicts their next move. Google works this technology into all of its platforms very effectively. Go to send an email on Gmail and you’ll see responses you’re typically sending automatically offered to you before typing a full sentence. Machine learning provides users with convenience and speed – two things essential to mobile app development. 

Aggregation AI

One thing users want from a mobile app is an aggregated experience. The faster an app can show you what you want to see, the more likely you are to click, shop, or stay on the app longer. These metrics drive app performance and the statistics show users like having content catered to their habits. If a user opens an app like Apple News, they are immediately greeted with the sort of content they’re more likely to read. It’s a tailored experience built for every individual user, all completely handled by AI solutions.

The incredible capabilities of AI applications for Android and iOS are offering companies a unique insight into how users engage with their content and offerings.Click To Tweet


Apps for Organising – AI for Data Cleanup

Another great use of AI applications is the ability for apps to identify other apps that are taking up a lot of storage space. Whether it be data, cookies, or other storage elements, AI is able to identify which apps on a user’s device might not be necessary based on their habits. Likewise, both App Stores from Apple and Google offer recommendations based on what you like doing on your phone so you can simultaneously get rid of unwanted apps and data and add content to your device you’ll enjoy. 

AI applications offer all of this and more to make users feel more connected with their devices. These elements can be incorporated into your next mobile app to increase user engagement and your app’s performance.

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