App Development For Brands: Getting Brand Recognition Isn’t Just for the Big Guys

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Aug 23, 2017

If there is one thing the Internet provides for small business it is an even playing field with much larger companies. A strong brand recognition programme will make it impossible for customers and prospects to tell your company from the much larger competition. That works to your advantage in many ways.

Brand name awareness comes from a persistent marketing programme that puts your company name and logo in front of a target audience over and over again. Brand name awareness is why we sometimes refer to common products such as facial tissues by the most popular brand name. By building up your brand recognition, your company is seen as equal to much larger competition and that opens up a significant amount of opportunities for your organisation.

A Valuable App Creates Brand Awareness

Offering an app that provides exclusive value to your clients will help expand the popularity of your app. Evernote is an app that has skyrocketed in popularity since 2011 because its mobile app offers customers exclusive features they cannot get anywhere else. Because of the value of the app to customers, the app was seen as more desirable and that helped to launch Evernote and its organisational app into the realm of overnight success.

Thanks to the popularity of the app, Evernote has become a household name in the mobile app field. The exposure gained has expanded the company’s brand name recognition and helped the company to be seen on the same level as much larger organisations. Adding value to your app will help it become a catalyst for creating brand name awareness for your company.

Become A Trusted Resource

Popular sporting goods companies have gained significant brand name awareness because they go beyond their product to offer valuable information to their clients. The app for a company such as Nike offers much more than just tennis shoe pricing. It offers health tips and advice on how to play your favourite sport.

Getting your target audience to constantly see your company name and logo is one part of brand awareness. But if you want to create a base of loyal customers who utilise your resources based solely on your company name, then your mobile app needs to become a resource for your target audience, a tool that offers all of the valuable information they will need in an easily accessible format.

Give Customers Free Access To A Valuable App

If you want your app to expand your customer base, then give it away for free. There is an extensive marketing plan that goes along with any new app and part of that plan is reviews from app users. When people sense that you are giving something away that can offer them real value, they will likely give it a try. Your brand name will grow to compete with even the largest corporations in your industry as potential customers start to read the positive reviews for your free app.

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Strong app development skills can be a very integral part of your company’s marketing plan. On the Internet, it is impossible for people to tell if your company is larger or smaller than the competition. When you deliver an app that has the same functionality and value as your biggest competitors, then you are on your way to expanding your brand name and enhancing your company’s success.

When you hire a professional app development company such as Glance, you will get all of the resources needed to raise brand awareness with your app. Investing in professional app development makes it easy to compete with the big boys on line.

At Glance, we can show you how to grow your brand name and expand revenue by properly utilising mobile apps. Send us an enquiry and we will put together a programme that will get you the exposure you need to level the playing field between yourself and your larger competition.

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