4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used To Enhance Mobile Apps

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Nov 8, 2023

We’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss artificial intelligence (AI)  this year, seeing the impact that it has had on popular culture in 2023. For mobile app developers, however, our engagement with AI didn’t start with ChatGPT. AI has been used in mobile app development for several years and has many interesting and useful applications in the mid-to-long term as programming technology develops. 

Let’s be clear: AI applications are nowhere near the stage where they can design or create mobile applications themselves, and that’s not the focus of this article, but there are several ways in which AI features can be used to enhance the performance and user experience of mobile apps.

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1. Search Functionality

Modern AI technology has its roots in search engine software algorithms, and one of the main benefits of AI for mobile applications is to enhance search functionality. Brought up on Google, today’s customers have grown used to instant search gratification, which includes quick, accurate, and straightforward searches. 

Unfortunately, most mobile apps fall woefully short of the search engines in these areas, so adding an AI-enabled search feature to your app can revolutionise your customer experience by making it easier and more seamless to access relevant information in the blink of an eye. With an AI search tool, users can make verbal requests and ask general questions, which the software can easily answer without struggling with keywords or looking through multiple pages of results.

2. Customer Service Chatbots

Customers usually like to communicate on their own terms, and with the rise of in-app chatbots, you can now offer your customers the ability to chat with an AI-powered customer service representative who can efficiently handle responses to routine queries or aid customers in navigating your app. This saves your team time and provides your customers with assistance more quickly and efficiently.

3. Intelligent Data

Gathering, tracking, and analysing customer data has become a significant cornerstone of modern businesses and can help you personalise and tailor your app to customer expectations. AI-powered apps can collect various customer data points you can use to improve UI, including customised product recommendations and better-targeted adverts. Machine learning algorithms (not the same as AI but an aligned technology) and predictive data models can also be integrated into the app’s systems to learn from individual customer behaviours and predict the products or services customers may require. These insights can also automatically tailor the app interface to reflect customer usage patterns and preferences.

4. Emotional Intelligence

The ability to analyse and interpret human emotional states can take personalisation efforts even further. Through the innovative use of AI within your app, you can capture indicators such as tone, facial expressions and other emotional signals customers give while interacting with your app. These cues empower customers to let you personalise their content and offer recommendations and services that better align with their emotional state.

What Next?

AI gives developers and brands a wider range of options when developing mobile apps, with greater scope for innovation and personalisation than ever before. As the technology develops, we will be helping customers integrate the latest features and plug-ins into their apps to provide the best possible customer experience for their users.

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