The Benefits of Developing An App For Your Car Dealership

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Sep 20, 2023

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, with a growing segment of customers making purchase decisions and booking services online, often through mobile devices, so it’s important for modern car dealerships to keep up with these changing trends. A bespoke mobile app can help you streamline your business operations and improve your customer experience, making it easier for your customers to browse cars, search finance deals, book test drives, get their car in for service and make down payments on new vehicles or spare parts.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top benefits of investing in a bespoke app for your car dealership:

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1. Improved Customer Experience

An app gives you access to a treasure trove of valuable data about customer behaviour, which can help you understand their preferences and the types of cars and services they are interested in. For example, data analytics can let you know the most popular models of vehicles in different areas, which add-ons are most desired, how frequently a customer views a vehicle product page, and more. 

This lets you personalise the customer experience through targeted marketing content and promotions through the app (which could be news-based and informative rather than strictly sales-focused), improving customer satisfaction and increasing the chance of a customer buying their next car from you.

2. Responsive Customer Service

A common use of mobile apps is to include a dedicated customer support section, giving customers access to immediate assistance, 24/7, through an FAQs knowledge base and AI chatbot, as well as email and phone links to your human customer service team. This type of intuitive and responsive support can help keep customers happy, resolve common problems, and help build trust and credibility between your customers and dealership.

3. Increased Servicing Work

You can use your app to increase your bookings for services, MOTs, and repairs, and allow customers to book and pay using your app. Adding a booking and payment feature to your app makes it easier for customers to book in their car without contacting you directly and without the uncertainty of not knowing when you’ll have availability. 

Through an intuitive booking interface, you can let them book appointments, select the required services, and pay for it all in one place. This convenient and transparent feature can leave your customers feeling more positive about your dealership and could be a selling point when choosing where to take their car for its next service.

4. Reward Customer Loyalty

Automotive services is a competitive industry, and a loyalty programme is an excellent way of rewarding customers for frequent visitors or purchases, encouraging them to come back and tell their family and friends. By integrating your loyalty and rewards programme with your app for rentals, services, car purchases and other engagements, it will be easier to grant rewards or club points to your customers, exchangeable through the app for discounts on purchases, exclusive content and experiences, prize draws and lotteries, and value-added services.

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At Glance, we have worked with numerous car dealerships to create bespoke apps that support their business model and improve brand engagement with their customers. Look at our recent testimonials to see why we are one of the most trusted car sales app agencies on the market at the moment, and please feel free to contact one of our experienced developers directly to discuss your needs.

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