Choosing the Best Tools for Mobile App Development Companies

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Aug 23, 2017

Mobile apps are no longer “something nice to have”. For most enterprises, mobile apps are essential for both work and in order to provide the level of customer service that people have come to demand. That means that whether you’re in insurance, banking, retail, marketing, or auto manufacturing, you also have to be one of those app development companies that develop, deploy, and service mobile apps. But don’t despair. An entire industry has sprung up to provide mobile application development platforms, or MADP for short. Here’s what you need to look for.

Pick Tools That Work Across Platforms

In BYOD environments, mobile apps need to be developed for all of the major platforms, which include Android, Apple, Windows, and BlackBerry.

Gone are the days when all consumer users are fixated on their iPhones and business users are stuck like glue to Android smartphones. Today, you also have to develop for different phones (including a wide variety of screen sizes), as well as tablet computers, notebooks, laptops, and still a fair number of desktop systems. Those all come from more manufacturers than you care to count, and are equipped with operating systems that vary from Windows to BlackBerry to Chrome. Pick development tools that allow you to develop mobile apps across platforms.

Choose Tools That are Designed for Both Keyboard/Mouse Configurations and Touchscreen Devices

Along with those devices, you’ll find an interesting mix of interfaces to develop for, too. Desktop users typically can be depended on to use a keyboard/mouse setup, but laptops, notebooks, and tablets can be equipped with either a mouse/keyboard or a touchscreen interface

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Often, users switch between interfaces, using a keyboard and mouse at work or at home, and swapping to touchscreen while on the go. That means that your development platform and tools need to allow you to develop for numerous interfaces, and even the ability for the same device to be used in both ways.

Consider Outsourcing to One of the App Development Companies

There’s an alternative to over-burdening your in-house IT staff with yet another project. Hire an outside development firm that already has the experience, tools, and track record to crank out enterprise apps.

There is another option to consider, and that is to hire a professional development company to take over the task of developing, deploying, and managing your mobile apps. The advantages are numerous.

Most businesses depend on their IT departments for tons nowadays. They have to serve as tech support for both customers and internal users. They are responsible for building and maintaining databases in an era where data is king, queen, and court. They’re heavily involved in developing business strategies that are dependent on technology, and have to keep systems, databases, networks, and users secure in the age of the data breach, hactivist, and DDoS attacks. Hiring an outside development firm allows IT to do their thing, while a mobile app development company with experience and real passion for development takes the reigns.

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