Creative Marketing Tips for App Developers

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Having trouble brainstorming creative marketing strategies? We got you covered!

Marketing has infiltrated every aspect of modern society. It’s utilised by businesses to promote their brand, by nonprofits to increase their impact, by self-employed people to improve revenue, and even by employees as they market themselves to job prospects. Marketing is inevitably crucial to app developers, and the success of your app is as much dependent on your marketing strategy as it is on the quality of the app itself. Here are some creative marketing ideas that will enable you to connect with your target audience and excite them about your app.

Start a Blog About Your App

The key to great marketing is creating a buzz around your product, and blog content is an excellent way to do this. Start your blog well before the release of your app, so you can steadily grow your audience and allow their anticipation to grow. Create blog content that’s relevant to all aspects of the app including the problem the app seeks to solve, the ways the app can be utilised, and the key functions the app entails.

You can even include a call to action in the blog posts prior to the release of the app. The call to action can offer the reader the ability to sign up for push notifications about the app’s release, to receive exclusive access to the beta app, or to receive discounts or other spending incentives once the app is released.

Create Interactive Videos and Tutorials

Videos are an excellent marketing tactic for all products and services, but they’re particularly useful for app developers. With videos, you can provide your audience with a visual representation of what the app does and how it will operate. This is also an ideal way to attract the attention of investors, as it enables you to provide an interactive demonstration of how the app will function. 

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You can also develop tutorial videos for the app once it hits the market. One of the primary reasons apps prove to be unsuccessful in the marketplace is because they are confusing or difficult to navigate. With many interactive tutorials available, users can master all app functions quickly, increasing adoption rates and building loyal patrons.

Release a Beta App

Many businesspeople are under the assumption that a product shouldn’t be brought to market until it’s perfected. Though this may be true in some cases, app development is a definite exception. How can you perfect an app when you haven’t seen how it performs among the public? Release a beta app to see how customers like it and what aspects of the app they would change. Then, you can continue to redevelop the app and release updated versions, ensuring each new version better accommodates the expectations of consumers.

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Releasing a beta app can answer a lot of questions regarding app performance.

Start with the Right App Development Platform

To ensure the highest level of success from your marketing, it helps to have a team of professionals by your side. When choosing an app development studio to build your app, you need a company that’s willing to go the extra mile to help market your app alongside you. At Glance, our services don’t end with app development. We’ll work with you to market the app as well, whilst helping to refine the app as needed to better suit the needs of your customers. To learn more, contact us today.

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