IoT is Making Big Waves in Retail and Changing the Way Consumers Shop

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Dec 27, 2018

The role that Internet of Things (IoT) technology plays in retail is quickly growing. Brands that take advantage of these shifts now and leverage it for their retail store marketing will stand out among the competition.

IoT solution are essentially items that, like smartphones, tablets, or computers, connect to a network via the internet. Smartwatches and smart thermostats are some of the more popular Internet of Things applications.  

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The potential of the IoT in retail is massive. Business owners who have investigated Internet of Things development believe it will be particularly effective as a means of improving the overall customer experience. The following examples illustrate the ways that IoT solutions are already changing how consumers shop. 

The Internet of Things in Retail Boosts Efficiency

Customers crave convenience and efficiency when making a purchase. Retail IoT devices can offer just that.

IoT device management includes automatic retail checkout systems that detect when customers leave a store with items. This solution will replace the tedious process of waiting in line to make purchases. Internet of Things applications like these also save businesses money by reducing the need for checkout staff.

IoT solutions may even help customers avoid trips to the store altogether. For instance, Samsung has developed a smart refrigerator that, among other features, monitors the condition of items stored in it. The refrigerator alerts owners when an item is spoiled. Instead of heading to the store to buy a replacement, they can simply order one via the refrigerator itself.

Internet of Things Applications Improve Customer Service

Finding a particular item in a store is often time-consuming and can dissuade customers from completing a purchase. Although an employee can often help a customer in this situation, assistance isn’t always available.

That may change as Internet of Things development continues and expands to IoT robots. Simbe Robotics, for instance, has partnered with sporting goods retailer Decathlon USA to test a new IoT retail robot in stores. 

IoT solution are essentially items that, like smartphones, tablets, or computers, connect to a network via the internet.Click To Tweet

Known as Tally, the automatic retail robot monitors the location and availability of items on shelves. This is usually task a human employee would handle, but thanks to IoT programming, it frees up that individual to focus on higher-priority tasks. Tally can also help guide customers to items they’re looking for. Customer service and employee efficiency are both likely to improve as a result of IoT programming innovations like this.

Retail IoT can also improve service by offering personalized discounts. Customers who have looked at particular items online can receive alerts offering discounts if they stand near the same items in brick-and-mortar stores, for example.

The Internet of Things Optimises Retail Store Marketing

The Internet of things for retail won’t just improve the shopping experience when a customer is in a store. IoT solutions can also encourage consumers to visit a brand’s stores more often.

For instance, if a customer is relatively close to a store location, beacons (already in use at shops like Macy’s) will alert them via their smartphones. As with the example described above, this automatic retail solution will also offer discounts or product suggestions when appropriate.

This helps to improve retail store marketing strategies. It’s easier to reach out to customers when IoT programming knows a customer is nearby.

The Importance of Working with Internet of Things Development Experts

IoT device management and other forms of IoT programming clearly represents an opportunity for retailers to offer better customer service than ever before. They can start by partnering with Internet of Things retail development specialists.

Understanding how IoT development could theoretically improve the shopping experience isn’t the same as understanding the technical details of effective retail IoT programming. Organizations that want to take advantage of this innovation should coordinate with professionals who’ve demonstrated expertise in IoT device management and development already. The resulting Internet of Things applications will make an exceptional impression on customers as a result. So, if you have an app idea that you think could apply this new technology successfully, Talk To Us today!

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