10 Mobile Trends to Keep Up With in 2019

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Jan 3, 2019

Mobile technology is constantly changing. Anyone involved in developing mobile apps will create much stronger products if they stay keep up with the latest mobile app industry trends.

The following 10 app trends are worth paying particular attention to in 2019. They’re poised to have a significant impact on the way consumers use apps and developers build them.

The Augmented Reality Mobile Design Trend

The success of Pokemon Go! proved there’s a substantial customer base for AR apps. Contrary to what some may believe, user data indicates the game is still very popular.

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It also represents just one example of how AR can transform mobile apps. In leveraging the AR mobile development trend, retailers can boost ecommerce sales, educational organizations can transport users to the past, businesses can train employees, and much more. This potential is a major reason the rise of AR will be among the most noteworthy mobile app industry trends this year.


Voice Apps Will Be the Ones to Watch Out For

Voice-activated apps offer users a degree of convenience that mere visual-based interfaces can’t. As innovations like natural language processing and AI allow for more sophisticated voice features, voice tech will grow to be one of the most important trends in mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence App Trends are Set to Improve User Experience

Surveys indicate the vast majority of consumers expect brands to offer personalized experiences. This desire for personalization will impact trends in mobile apps via an increased focus on AI. With AI, products can analyze user behavior to personalize every element of the user experience.

Simplifying Blockchain Will be a Goal When Developing Mobile Apps

Blockchain technology attracted substantial media attention thanks to the rise of Bitcoin. It also has many potential uses in mobile apps. However, the average user still doesn’t understand how to leverage it.

The same is often true of professionals who have app ideas but don’t know how blockchain can improve them. Thus, one of this year’s major (but likely to be overlooked) mobile development trends will involve designers identifying ways of simplifying blockchain usage for consumers and business owners.

The Rise of Chatbots Among the Latest App Trends

The chatbot market is still growing. Estimates predict it will be worth USD $994 million by 2024.

It’s easy to understand why this is a mobile app industry trend. Chatbots offer many potential benefits to both app users and those developing mobile apps. A chatbot can make searching for a product on a retail app easier than ever. It can handle customer support tasks. It can even lend an app a “personality” to a degree. Thus, incorporating chatbots will be a major mobile design trend for 2019.

Mobile App Developers Are Putting More Focus on Security

When developing mobile apps, it’s essential to incorporate security measures. However, recent breaches and a rapid increase in fintech apps that store sensitive user data ensure professionals in the industry will be even more vigilant about optimizing security moving forward.

The On-Demand Economy Continues to Grow Into a Top Mobile Trend

There will be plenty of apps to watch out for in 2019. Many will offer on-demand services like Uber. Currently worth approximately USD $57 billion, the global on-demand market simply continues to grow. Businesses will also continue to take advantage of this unique opportunity to offer customers convenient service.

Beacons Will Continue to Be the Mobile Development Trend That’s Booming

Beacons help connect the virtual world with the real world. For example, Macy’s boosted foot traffic at brick-and-mortar stores recently by using beacons to attract customers. The success of integrating this feature into a trending app for iPhone or Android will certainly inspire others to try to achieve the same benefits.

Wearables & IoT App Trends Attract More Users

Pay too much attention to the latest trending app for iPhone or other smartphones, and it’s easy to forget that experts predict users will embrace wearables and IoT devices in greater numbers this year. When developing mobile apps, teams should focus on whether an app idea is better-suited to these devices, instead of traditional smartphones or tablets.

The Mobile Payments Design Trend is Going to Grow

The convenience of not having to carry cash is easy to understand. As more retailers accept mobile payment apps, more users will adopt them. This is another reason they’ll also want improved security. Many of the emerging trends in mobile apps indicate that mobile payments will become a staple in the future.

These latest app trends will define the industry in 2019. Developers who prepare accordingly will offer improved UX, while also proving they are willing to innovate in a field that demands it. Stay on top of these mobile development trends to ensure your app idea succeeds, and if you have an app idea and you want to see it come to life, Talk To Us today! 

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