What is the State of Mobile Development Today? What Your App Developers Should Know

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Aug 23, 2018

As we edge past the midpoint of 2015, where does the status of app development stand? Have we overcome the worst of the obstacles, or are we stuck in a rut? Here is the latest status update for mobile app development as we head into the second half of this year.

Over Half of Businesses Aren’t Yet Building Mobile Apps

Unbelievably, well over half of developers have not even built a mobile app yet. This could mean you’re still way ahead of the competition if you get started on development efforts now. 

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Even though executives and other business leaders are wholly convinced of the importance and potential of mobile apps, well over half (57 percent, actually) of developers still haven’t developed a mobile app at all. What does this mean for your business? It means that there is a good chance your competitors are behind the eight ball, too, and you can easily edge past them by getting started on your own development project. If your competitors happen to be in the group that has released mobile apps, turn this around to your advantage by one-upping them. The upside to letting the competitor rush to market first is that you can see what they did wrong and make yours even better.


Developers Aren’t Sure of the Importance of Developing for the IoT

The IoT (Internet of Things) has developers and businesses stumped. Should they be working on apps for connected cars and wearable tech, or is it okay to stick with apps for smartphones and tablet computers? The answer is: it depends. Many brands can illicit a natural tie-in with connected devices like smart watches and connected cars, but most are just as well off with developing useful, practical, convenient apps for phones and other mobile devices. Don’t let the innovations of the IoT keep you from moving forward when there is no obvious tie-in to wearables. Stick with mobile apps for the masses and you’ll be fine.

The User Experience Reigns in Terms of Importance in App Development

Whether the app is intended for business use only or to release to the general public, user experience (UX) is the most important factor. Developers need to focus on attractive designs, intuitive interfaces, high responsiveness, and seamless navigation. These are the attributes that make the best apps.

Security is, Sadly, a Low Priority for App Developers

Even in light of the numerous and devastating security breaches that have occurred over the past couple of years, developers still place a stunningly low priority on app security. What does this mean for you? It means that you can easily one-up your competition by building an app that they can trust and depend on. Use your emphasis on security as a selling point to outdo the other guys.

Android is the Strongest Market, Followed by Apple

Android and Apple together boast about 97 percent of the mobile market shares. If you develop for these two platforms, you’ve covered the overwhelming majority of mobile device owners across the nation and around the globe. 

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What platforms should you be developing apps for? Android and Apple continue to rule the roost. Android continues to be the most difficult platform in terms of development, but there are development specialists trained and skilled in Android development to help. If your app is available for both Android and Apple devices, you have covered some 97 percent of the mobile device market.

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