iPhones and iPads for Business

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Many people still see iPads and iPhones as consumer only devices. Whilst it is true that many executives carry their iPads to meetings, whether to take notes or to while away the time, there is an emerging aspect to these devices which is quite interesting. More and more companies are utilising iPads and iPhones in their core business services and infrastructure. iPads specifically are increasingly being seen as a cost-effective customer tool, whether for sales pitches, portfolio demonstrations of point-of-sale engagement in shops and restaurants. So what is it that is making this shift in focus?

The True Cost

Whilst for many consumers the cost of an iPad deems it a considered purchase, for many business owners the savings this kind of device can make above more traditional methods of customer engagement and proprietary hardware make it a very cost effective alternative. The potential return on investment with such an approach makes it a very desirable path to take, with little risk, and with an increased customer perception of being a forward-thinking company.

Rich Experience

Traditional sales techniques, both face-to-face and point-of-sale, are starting to be overshadowed with the use of media-rich devices such as the iPad and iPhone. Being able to let your customers, or potential customers, hold, move and touch a variety of information and media connected to your product or service is a very powerful thing. By enabling your customers to see the message you are trying to convey results in a much higher customer engagement and conversion and is something every business owner, salesperson or shop keeper should look at.

The Future

In the coming months and years we will start to see more and more of these low-cost devices used to augment existing sales processes and channels. With the impending widespread adoption of NFC (near field communications) and contact-less payments via smartphones, this will only increase and will benefit not only the businesses but the consumers being targeted. Businesses can expect better customer engagement, retention and satisfaction, in return their sales will increase as well as their brand confidence. For customers, having a richer experience whether face-to-face or point-of-sale results in a more user-friendly and informed process.

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