How Luxury Brands Use Apps To Enhance The Customer VIP Experience

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Dec 20, 2023
How Luxury Brands Enhance VIP Experience With Apps

In the ‘digital first’ economy, most human interactions occur online through mobile devices. Luxury apps are a key way for premium brands to enhance the customer VIP experience with personalised and unique customer experiences in the digital realm. Let’s see how this is possible:

1. Augmented Reality (AR):

This exciting new technology allows customers to access otherwise inaccessible aspects of a product or service, such as looking inside cars or trying on jewellery, all without leaving the comfort of their home. For example, Gucci’s retail app now features an augmented reality function that allows customers to virtually try on shoes and see how different accessories look with their outfits. AR provides customers with an immersive and fun experience, creating a unique and personalised shopping experience and segueing with visually based social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

2. Virtual Reality (VR):

If we are honest, virtual reality is more tomorrow’s technology than today’s, but it is another area luxury brands are exploring. By offering the scope for virtual experiences, immersive content, or areas of exploration, customers can feel that they are more deeply connected with the brand experience, even if they are miles away. An example is BMW’s VR experience app, which allows customers to explore the latest car models in detail, even without visiting the dealership. VR technology is also used by luxury fashion brands to showcase their latest runway shows, providing customers with a front-row seat to their latest London, Milan, and Tokyo collections.

3. Voice-activated Search:

Voice-activated search is a useful application of AI technology to mobile software development and is becoming increasingly popular among high-end applications. By incorporating voice recognition software into their apps, customers can make orders by speaking instead of typing, improving the overall convenience of their shopping experience. Image recognition technology also allows virtual try-ons to be possible – in which customers can see how different products look on them by uploading a photo from their smartphone. These technologies are underpinned by machine learning, which continually improves the accuracy and performance of mobile apps and enables brands to offer more personalised service for their customers.

4. Exploratory data analysis (EDA):

EDA analyses customer data to gain insight into their preferences, behaviours, and purchase history, helping brands to tailor the app experience better to individual customers, such as suggesting items based on their purchase history and recent Internet searches.

5. Near-field Communication (NFC):

Some luxury brands are now using near-field communication technology to verify the authenticity of their products. By scanning the authenticity tag on a product or a digital QR code, users can confirm the authenticity of an item, reinforcing your brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity while ensuring that customers receive only genuine and high-quality products.

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