The Five Best Apps You Never Knew You Needed

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There are millions of apps for your phone (3.8 million in the Google Play store, and 2 million in the Apple store) but not every application is helpful. Here to help you slog through that app mire are the five best apps you never knew you needed. They are simple, user-friendly and they are great for helping you through your daily activities.

Money Dashboard Budget Planner

This free app helps you create a monthly budget in as little as 10 minutes. No more annoying spreadsheets or worse – nothing at all. Here with Money Dashboard, you’re given a fantastic overview of all of your finances. Once all of your accounts have been hooked up, it puts all of your info into one place, one dashboard and one overview. This allows you to see exactly what money is coming in and what is coming out. You can categorise your spending and view your money habits over a period of 6 months, so you can see what’s going right and what’s going wrong. Many people are using this app as it helps them get out of debt (student loans? We thought so) as this app will guarantee to help you budget your finances appropriately.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Have you ever made the excuse that you didn’t have time to exercise? We all have, but not anymore. Simply choose from a variety of different workouts including full body, arms, legs and abs. There are multiple plans at varying levels of difficulty. The app tracks your progress. The goal is to make exercise a good habit and to make it a daily occurrence for 30 days. Each day has specific exercises that are demonstrated to you on the app. The Mayo Clinic recommends at least 75 minutes of vigorous exercise a week and to also strength train each large set of muscle groups twice week. This app makes it easy to hit that goal. Most workouts take 7-10 minutes to complete. Most use just their body weight for strength training, so they are easy to do at home (in front of the television) or while traveling. 

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Are you tired of not having enough time to think of what to have for dinner? Chicken, again? With Youmiam, this app brings a fun and fresh approach to dinner. No more boring, uninspired menus. Users can choose from hundreds of recipes based on a keyword search and even by answering a few fun and simple questions in relation to your mood and what you mostly enjoy eating. It even creates a grocery list for you based on the recipe you choose, along with tutorial videos!

Flashcards App – Baby Flashcards in English

This free app was rated one of the Top 30 educational apps. It has a plethora of information that is organised by pictures on the home menu. There are hundreds of flash cards to choose from including animals (with video, photographs and animal sounds), parts of the body, foods and transportation. This is a great app for when you are stuck at the doctor’s office, on an airplane or in a crowded restaurant with small children. Toddlers love the brightly coloured pictures and they learn vocabulary from this easy to use educational app. No mum guilt here.


This app’s tagline is: “Shop your inspiration.” This app may have you asking the question, “Who invents this stuff?” but when you are aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and other social media accounts and you come across a photo of Kim Kardashian (or Zayn Malik) wearing a trendy outfit, this app comes to mind. It’s as simple as taking a screenshot of the picture, going directly to the Screenshop app and waiting for you there is an in-depth catalogue of clothing similar to the one found in your screenshot, in line with your budget. If that’s not the most handiest app so far then I’m not sure what is!

The best apps are the ones that make your life easier and meet a specific need. Here at Glance we have a wide catalogue of apps which you can download too. If you have any great app ideas, talk to us and maybe in the future, your app could be featured in a list just like this!

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