How To Improve Your App To Get Better Engagement

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Jul 11, 2018

Apps, also known as software applications, have become highly developed over the past few years. However, not everyone is aware of the multiple advantages that apps can add to their daily lives, so app creators often struggle with boosting their engagement rates.

Developers make apps for desktop computers and mobile devices. For users who don’t want to install a program, some web-based apps allow you to access them from any device with an Internet browser. Now, why do your apps fail to attract users? First, let’s consider the demographics:

Actual Use of Apps

App usage varies greatly depending on the age group using an app.

  • Ages 18-24: Use apps for 3.2 hours per day.
  • Ages 25-44: Access apps for 2.3 to 2.6 hours per day.
  • Ages 45-54: Spend 2 hours per day on apps.
  • Ages 55+: Utilise apps for less than 2 hours daily, and that number decreases as their age increases. Usage statistics in this category vary depending on their job, leisure, vacation and personal contacts.
  • All-around average per day across all age groups is 2.3 hours.

We know from our experience as a leading iPhone app-development company in London that smartphone and tablet apps are among the most-popular softwares in demand today. Due to the growth of the app market, the average smartphone person has 35 apps install on their phone. However, despite this wide variety, research published in the Daily Mail shows that smartphone owners only use about 10 apps per day.

Now out of the people who’ve used your app in the past 30 days, what’s your average daily engagement rate? Comment below your results.

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Improving Your App’s User Experience

When it comes to mobile-app development in London, there are certain questions that our team asks to improve an app user’s experience. These points are:

• How often is the user expecting to use this app?

• Does this app fit the user’s personal, social, business or entertainment needs?

• Do customers understand the platforms their mobile app can use?

• Is your brand familiar with mobile-testing tools?

Whether you need an iOS or an Android developer in London, we are happy to explain how to properly market and develop whatever type of software application you need.

What Are The Biggest Mistakes That App Creators Make?

When creating an app, there are a number of things to take into consideration. These points include:

Impractical Features

Many times an app creator will include features that sound good but are not practical. In addition to making sure the app complies with the capabilities of the desktop, mobile or web-connection program, it is important to research various studies and find out which programs are long-lasting and which are only temporary.

Poor Testing

Some developers rush to release a new app too early, so they end up getting a slew of negative reviews because they didn’t work out all the flaws in the program. Instead, each new app should go through a five-step testing process. The testing phases include splitting, testing, measuring, choosing and deploying. This workflow will eliminate any unexpected changes the purchaser might find when trying to use something they are unfamiliar with.

Social-Media Login Compulsion

When a potential customer logs onto an app website, many times the website requires an immediate sign-in or password to view any of their pages. For many visitors, this kind of introduction is a turn-off that makes them leave that website.

Better websites have an attractive layout with enough information to encourage any interested party to continue browsing for more information.

While these points are just the beginning, we can help you avoid many more of these types of mistakes with better solutions for building your app. For more advice on app development in London, talk to us.

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