Tips for Choosing Mobile App Developers London Biz Owners Should Know

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If you are a business owner, you’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of having a mobile web presence. After all, the world is becoming a place that is more and more focused on mobile technology, with 2.1 billion smartphone users worldwide.

Creating a branded app is a great way for a business to build brand awareness and encourage interaction with current and potential customers. Smartphone users spend 90 percent of their mobile time using apps as opposed to browsing the mobile web, and there are expected to be around 197 billion app downloads this year. By creating and marketing a mobile app, companies can gain exposure and generate revenue.

If your company is not tech savvy or does not have developers on staff, one great way to go about creating a mobile app is hiring a mobile app developer. Mobile app developers London clients use can create apps for businesses that look good, function well and stay up-to-date. If you’re thinking about hiring a mobile app development company and want to figure out which company to choose, read on. The following are tips for choosing mobile app developers London business owners should keep in mind when deciding who to hire to create their company’s app.

Look at Other Apps They’ve Created

One good way to get a good sense of what a mobile app development is all about is to look at the prior work they’ve done, as well as a list of clients. Mobile app development companies will have a portfolio of work that you can browse through. You should choose a company whose apps appeal to you – both functionally and aesthetically. Another good reason to learn about prior work is that it can give you a sense of whether the developers have a certain set of values or passions. You want to make sure that your company’s values and mission align with theirs and that the process of working together will be pleasant.

Check Client References

In addition to looking at the apps they’ve made previously, ask a mobile app development company for client references. Then, call or email those references. You want to learn more about what the process of working with the company was like — and not just how the product turned out. Try to check with multiple references in order to make sure that people have a good experience across the board.

Ask About Price

The cost of developing a mobile app in London can vary wildly. Some app developers charge a project rate, while others charge by the hour. Some developers offer affordable services to young companies, while other high-end developers have astronomical prices and are geared toward large corporations. Ask about cost at the beginning of your developer-finding process. You want to make sure that the development process fits in your budget and that you know what you’re going to be spending from the get-go.

Meet with the Developers

Many development companies use marketing teams to communicate with clients. Then, they pass along the work to the developers who actually do the coding and development work. While it’s okay to meet with marketers or sales teams that have a lot of information for you, ask to meet with the actual developers before you begin your product. Meeting with the developers can ensure that you’re both on the same page about what the app should be able to do and look like, and it can ensure that there are no miscommunications that will require more hours of work to repair.

Ask About Their Process

Ask the development company what their process is like — particularly for ensuring that the app is finishing on time. If the developers get behind, ensure that they make you aware of that — as well as why they’re behind and when they’ll catch up. Knowing their process beforehand (and ensuring it’s one you’re comfortable with) will help alleviate stress and guessing for you once the app is being built and give you a good sense of when you can expect a final product.

Never Pay Upfront

You should never pay your mobile app development company the cost of building the app upfront. Paying for the app should take place over time and in multiple payments. If you pay for an app upfront, you may end up getting the app much later than anticipated or having problems with the developers — then not have any leverage to encourage them to do better work. Ensure that the payment schedule with the developers is one that you’re comfortable with and that extends the payments out over the process of development.

If you run a business in London, consider hiring a mobile app agency to create your company’s app. A company that develops apps can ensure that your app is as high-quality and well-functioning as possible. If you learn the tips for choosing mobile app developers London business owners should know, then you can make sure that your company chooses the app development company that is a good fit.

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