Top App Developers That Are Transforming the World

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Apps have become an ingrained aspect of modern society, many of which are as ubiquitous as garage door openers and toothbrushes. However, some of the top app developers around the world have proven to be particularly prominent in the world of app development, literally transforming the way in which people approach certain tasks. From reinventing the way people shop to redesigning how people read and share content on the web, the leading app developers are creating a world where technology and convenience are accessible to everyone. Here are some of the biggest names in app development who have revolutionised the ways that humans approach ordinary tasks.

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Marco Arment Brought Us Instapaper
If you haven’t heard of Instapaper yet, it’s time you checked it out. Instapaper is an app that is changing the way people access information, increasing the availability of education. Instapaper meshes the convenience of web browsing with the readability of tablets and smartphones. It allows users to save web documents to their tablet or smartphone to read it later on their mobile device. Initially launched in 2008, it has since grown to become a staple app for millions across the globe, enabling people to share, read, and save web document more easily.

Instapaper enhances web surfing by transferring reading materials to mobile devices.

Paul Haddad Brought Us Tweetbot

Twitter has not only revolutionised the world of social communication, it has also provided businesses and organisations with a sound marketing platform that enables them to reach a massive audience in the palm of their hand. Tweetbot enhances the functionality of Twitter by providing users with a more attractive mobile interface, the ability to access multiple Twitter feeds simultaneously, and the ability to incorporate sound effects and animation features into the user experience.

Sean Rad Brought Us Tinder

In a world as hectic and chaotic as the modern day, the dating scene was in need of an overhaul. Dating websites transformed the way that people approach dating and intimacy, providing busy people with a convenient platform to facilitate love and romance. Tinder took that idea further by creating the most popular mobile dating app in the world, allowing people to easily connect with other singles in their area entirely from their mobile device. With a simple swipe of the thumb, users can move past individuals they aren’t interested in or express interest in people they like, making dating more convenient and efficient than ever before.

Adi Ashkenazi Brought Us Flayvr

Phones make it all too easy to snap photographs, with people rapidly accumulating hundreds of photos in their cellphones. When organising those photos later, it becomes a dreaded chore of sifting through countless miscellaneous pics, often taking hours to complete. With Flayvr, users can easily manage their photo albums by sorting photos into separate rolls based on events. This simplifies the user experience while increasing efficiency and providing people with more control over their photo albums. 

If you haven’t heard of Instapaper yet, it’s time you checked it out.Click To Tweet

With apps like Flayvr, managing your media has never been simpler.

From shaking up the dating world to reinventing the world of Twitter, app developers have profoundly influenced the way humans approach everyday living. App development increases the availability of information, enhances efficiency, and provides increased convenience to users. To make the ranks of a top app developer, you need to craft an app that provides undeniable value and usability. Premium app development relies on a premium app studio. Contact us to learn how our app studio will take your app development to a whole new level.

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