Why Animation Matters in App Design, and How to Use it

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Jul 9, 2018

When it comes to creating an app that people love using, one thing to prioritise is user experience design–or UX. UX design considers the user’s experience when using your app: how they interact with it, move through it, and perceive the entire encounter is perceived upon the design of the UX. UX design trends come and go, and one that is popular right now is animation.

Animation in UX design isn’t the same as animation in cartoons or ads. Instead, using animation in app design helps users better understand what effects their actions have, and it makes using an app easier and more enjoyable. Here you’ll learn more about what animation is in app design, and how you should use it to improve your app’s UX.

So, What is Animation?

Animation in UX terms is sometimes called motion design. With animation, you incorporate movement into the usage of the app. This means that lists can scroll, screens can swipe, and buttons can compress when tapped (etc.) Animation doesn’t just make the usage of an app more interesting or delightful. It also makes the experience of using the app more intuitive and logical, which helps a user easily learn how to use your app effectively. 

How Can Animation Help?

When you incorporate animation into your UX design, it can be used to help improve your app in a variety of ways. Some ways that animation can help include:

  • Directing a user’s focus to where they should be looking next
  • Transitioning a user from one screen to the next, or one activity to the next
  • Hinting at the next action the user should take
  • Making it feel like a person is actually manipulating objects on a screen, so that they feel directly engaged with and connected to your app
  • Creating a delightful aesthetic that’s pleasing to watch and encourages more usage
  • Pulling focus to the most important aspects of a screen and distracting the user from the less important aspects

How to Incorporate Animation into Your UX if You’re Building an App

If you’re building or improving an app for your company, you should consider incorporating animation into your UX design. Here are some ways you can start incorporating animation:

  • Give users feedback when they take action. Consider including animation when a user does something they’re supposed to do with your app, so they know they’ve done something right.
  • Incorporate animated transitions when moving between screens or activities. If there are multiple steps or processes that a user will take when using your app, consider moving them between these steps with animation, so it’s very clear that they are going through a transition.
  • Direct your user’s focus. If there is a button a user needs to press for a ‘next step’ to fulfil a multi-step process, use animation and movement to call attention to that next step. Have a button shake, move, or light up so a user knows they need to press it, or have a page jump down to the next link to click in order to guide users along their path through your app.

If you’re ready to start designing an app that is easy and enjoyable for people to use, get in touch with us at Glance. We can help you determine where to put animation in your app so that the UX is straightforward and seamless, and we can help you make sure that your app is facilitating your business’ growth and objectives.

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