This year’s FIFA World Cup was the biggest and most anticipated tournament yet – and it had a massive impact on app downloads and revenue. In the second quarter of 2018, sports-themed apps drove global iOS and Android sales, and there was a surge in downloads of sports streaming and gaming apps for mobile devices on both the Apple and Google Play store. Although the World Cup for this year is over, it’s always nice to reflect – in true throwback fashion – on 10 of the most popular World Cup apps that definitely scored and won over the hearts of football fans this year.

1. BBC Sport VR — FIFA World Cup

There is nothing better than seeing a mainstream and popular business – like the BBC – utilising and adapting to the latest technologies. By taking advantage of the latest VR opportunities, the BBC’s World Cup app allowed users to fully immerse themselves into a 360-degree virtual lounge. Here, they were able to watch live games directly from the stadium in a fully immersive environment, almost as if they were actually in Russia participating in the event. They were also able to catch up on highlights from the competition and keep up-to-date on England’s success (which was sadly, short-lived).

2. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Millions of football lovers flocked to their respective app stores to download FIFA’s official World Cup app this summer. The stand out features of the app included the latest football news, real-time push notifications and exclusive photos/content. Users could also access video highlights from all 64 matches just minutes after each game. Ultimately, the app was a must-have for all of the hardcore football lovers who needed updates on the game ASAP.

3. Fox Sports GO

We often forget that the World Cup was a global phenomenon, and not just exclusive to the UK. In America, Fox broadcasted the World Cup games for American audiences this summer, and their Fox Sports Go app became one of the most popular downloads on the Google Play and Apple App store. The app enabled users to catch up on the latest news from Russia, live stream the games and include access to video exclusives.

4. Yahoo Sports

The Yahoo Sports app delivered the latest World Cup content to smartphones and tablets around the world, with news, photos, and videos from each match. Users could also access match summaries, fixtures and live results. It’s interesting to note that the app wasn’t just exclusive to football, either. Yahoo Sports also covers a wide range of different sports, including basketball, cricket, rugby, tennis and golf.

5. Football Manager Mobile 2018

Available on both the Google Play and Apple App store, Football Manager Mobile 2018 was the ultimate companion to this year’s World Cup tournament. Users could create a fantasy football club from scratch and handle various football-related challenges. By taking advantage of the latest graphics and gameplay, Football Manager Mobile 2018 was a massive hit amongst football fans, providing them a unique and engaging experience that made them feel a part of the actual game.


Like Fox, the ESPN App delivered all the latest action from Russia to its American-based app users. It’s most notable feature included video exclusives, match summaries and a personalised sports news feed just for you.

7. EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Companion

The EA Sports Fifa app enabled users to manage their fantasy football team on their smartphone or tablet. “Because football never stops, keep your FUT Club close at hand while you are away from your console, TV or PC,” says game developer EA Sports on their website. Other features included team details and player summaries.

8. Onefootball

Onefootball is like an encyclopedia specifically dedicated to football fans, with information on more than 100 international football leagues and hundreds of players from around the world. During the World Cup, users were able to access live scores and the latest news from the competition.

9. ITV Hub

Our most British beloved television network – ITV – had the key responsibility of broadcasting this year’s World Cup to U.K. audiences, alongside the BBC. The company’s catch-up service, ITV Hub, allowed football lovers to catch up on the latest action from Russia at a time that best suited them. This app was available on both the Google Play and Apple App store, along with TV and gaming console collaborations.

10. Fifa World Cup Trading App – Panini Digital Sticker Album

This app, created by FIFA, enabled users to collect and trade virtual stickers from this year’s World Cup. This was a popular app amongst most teenagers and children, who could enter contests, compete against each other and have the potential to win prizes.

Although the World Cup is over, it would be a good idea to bookmark this post and save these apps to your ‘to download list’ because each app within this listicle can help fulfil most sport enthusiasts needs beyond just the World Cup. 

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