Carrying Your Office With You

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Aug 23, 2017

These days, you don’t need to rush back to your physical office and turn on your PC to find out what is happening in your business. Thanks to recent developments in smart phones and tablets (specifically in iPhone, iPad, and Android development) you can carry your virtual office around with you all day.

This ability to work, trade, or even just play at anytime and in any location, has injected a massive amount of productivity into the work-lives of those who use this technology effectively. Not only do you, the individual, benefit from this newfound flexibility, but so do your employees and clients.

Companies that commit to using cutting edge iPhone apps or Android apps can maximize their use of their time during client meetings by having all relevant information on hand and easily accessible. Instead of the usual “I’ll get back to you on that”, you can bring up important details in seconds and continue to drive your selling cycle forward.

More importantly, your work team becomes accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Before smart phones and tablets, employees were able stay connected through their laptops. But, let’s be honest, laptops only come into play periodically, perhaps during a stoppage in travel or a coffee break. With an iPhone or iPad and the right selection of apps from the app store, employees can access real-time company information while waiting for the bus, having dinner, standing in line at the cinema, or watching their kid’s football games. The result is a constant stream of online connectivity that is boosting productivity at an exponential rate.

Have you ever shown up to a meeting or event only to find out it was cancelled at the last-minute? Or, maybe you met with an important client and presented to them a key document that was out of date just as quickly as you gave it to them? Smart companies can avoid these types of misalignments by updating their teams in real-time via smart phones and tablets such as the iPhone and iPad. 

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This trend of constant connectivity is catching on fast in the business world because of the tremendous value it provides companies. The benefits are so tangible and instant that those who ignore these tools and insist on staying “traditional” simply cannot keep up with their competitors.

It’s safe to say that operating in this fashion has become a necessity in any competitive business environment. For software and service providers, this new reality has important implications. If your product or service is not mobile, you may find yourself being left out of the decision making process of your users and clients, more and more as they begin to lean towards partners who provide mobile versions of their products or services. It’s simple value added service.

It’s no longer enough to have a website that “looks good” on a mobile device. Clients are demanding product versions designed specifically for smart phones and tablets, allowing them to benefit from a cleaner and more complete experience and a work-anywhere attitude.

Deliver the performance your clients need by extending your product or service to the mobile ecosystem. It’s the way of the future and it will help keep you ahead of your competitors.

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