Is 5G Really Worth It? 3 Reasons To Not Get A 5G Phone In 2020

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Whenever a new technology emerges, people feel the need to flock to obtain the latest and greatest offering. When it comes to mobile connectivity, that new technology is 5G. You might be wondering “should I buy a 5G phone?” or “will I need a new phone for 5G?” With new capabilities in speed and consistent connection, 5G is very much the next step in the progress of mobile services. It’s safe to say that 5G is everywhere. You may have even been hearing about it in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic as certain conspiracy theorists believe that it causes the virus.

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Besides this controversy, however, it still might not be the right choice. For users in 2020, 5G is not necessarily a must-have feature for your phone and cell service. It’s up to you to decide if 5G makes sense for your mobile device habits, but at the moment, you might want to take a second look before upgrading to a new 5G phone. 

3 Reasons to Not Get a 5G Phone This Year

It’s exciting to see new features hit the market. Don’t let the fret fool you, however. At this moment, there are a few reasons to wait on upgrading to a 5G phone. 

Hardware and Connectivity Aren’t Fully Ready Yet

While 5G is rolling out all across the country, it’s still not at a point where there is a full infrastructure to support this new iteration of wireless systems. When early adopters flock to new technology, they often complain about its lacking capabilities. It’s a fair criticism that fits for 5G as even the best operating systems have yet to master the new service.

Not to mention, 5G is still only comprehensively offered in a handful of places. In these places, 5G might be worth it but there are plenty of areas where a 5G-capable phone would net you no real changes or improvements in service. That means it’s sensible to hold off on an expensive 5G phone in 2020 seeing as you might not even be able to reap its full potential. 

Costs are High for Devices and Plans

Whenever new technology releases in the industry, the price tag is often hefty. That’s the case for 5G as well. Cost is always a factor when deciding on a platform in mobile technology to upgrade as a user. Right now, the 5G expense is simply not quite meeting what you’ll get in return. 5G phone capabilities are improving, but not to the tune of record-high service costs and top of the market charges for a 5G-capable device.

It’s safe to say that 5G is everywhere. You may have even been hearing about it in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic as certain conspiracy theorists believe that it causes the virus.Click To Tweet


An increased charge for hardware and services is worth it when a new offering enhances the user’s experience. We’re just not quite there yet in terms of value for the increased expense. Down the line, 5G can be a great tool for mobile technology. It’ll just take a bit longer to see those differences.

More Choices Than Ever Without 5G

For mobile device users, whether it be phones, tablets, or hotspot service plans, there are more options than ever. Diversity in choice makes it more beneficial to the consumer to find a plan that meets their needs and desires. Developers working on the latest smartphone tracking app or update to best-selling mobile apps are still operating with 4G LTE as the norm. With the industry still using this ground floor to build new apps, the increased choices in plans, products, and services don’t seem to be going anywhere. 

Mobile app development is a long, complicated process. Even those working on apps set to release in 2021 are still assuming 5G won’t fully take over the mobile landscape by then. When it does integrate itself as the standard for mobile connectivity, 5G will transform mobile devices and the tech industry as a whole. We’re still a few years from that point, however, so there’s no rush to buy a new 5G phone in 2020. Keep an eye out on the latest news from tech experts to know when it’s really time to consider the upgrade. 

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